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Throughout each season of “Stranger Things” on Netflix, Eleven’s fashion has unquestionably evolved. Since her first appearance on our screens as the telepathic hero with a golden heart, Millie Bobby Brown has effortlessly mastered every distinguishing ’80s fashion, from rolled denim to edgy shackets to colourful graphic tees.

Now that season four has come, costume designer Amy Parris claims that Eleven’s closet is more perplexing than ever. At school in Lenora Hills, California, where she is known as Jane Hopper, Eleven’s clothes are disorganised.

Sarah Jessica Parker’s character Patty Greene from the 1980s sitcom “Square Pegs” served as an influence for Parris. Eleven, like Greene, has difficulty fitting in at her new high school and is unsure of which clique she should join. Her attire helps to illustrate her identity issue.

In season four, Eleven’s attire ranges from a colourful pinafore dress to an oversized plaid shirt. In terms of accessories, she continues to rotate her traditional Reebok sneakers, but we may see significantly fewer scrunchies and suspenders today.

Eleven Season 4 Outfits

Grungy Basics

In the opening episode, Eleven wears a timeless teen outfit that may easily have been worn in 2022. She wore a vintage graphic tee, colourful sweatpants, and a plaid top that she undoubtedly stole from Joyce’s closet.

When Millie Bobby Brown wore this outfit for the first time on set, she told Parris, “I don’t feel like myself, but I believe that’s a good thing.”

Unique Layers

In a roller rink scene, Eleven bizarrely (pun intended) wore a dress with a drop-waist and a striped pattern over a plaid button-up. It is, to say the least, a perplexing layering choice, but hey, that’s where Eleven is right now.Eleven Season 4 Outfits

She accessorised the perplexing ensemble with timeless white crew socks and a pair of vintage sneakers that she wears throughout the entire season.

In Season 4, Eleven’s flannels

Eleven wears this casual outfit to school to show off her diorama of Hopper’s cabin. Her “Strawberry Festival” graphic tee can be bought again. Her red-and-navy plaid shirt for men was bought at Walmart.

When Eleven gets in trouble with the law, she wears a bunch of different t-shirts layered on top of a big flannel. She wears her tops with white high-waisted jeans and brown leather vintage Reebok sneakers, which is a reflection of her “confusing” style during season four.

Eleven’s Roller-rink Dress With a Print on It in Season 4

Eleven’s pinafore dress, which she oddly wears over yet another plaid shirt, has classic 1980s graphics and has already been copied on many costume sites. When Mike comes to visit her in California, she wears this outfit to go to the roller rink.

Eleven’s Season 3,2, and 1 Outfits

The 1980s Mall-rat Look Eleven Had in Season 3

Max Mayfield, played by Sadie Sink, shows Eleven around the Starcourt Mall in Hawkins, Indiana. She tells her, “You just try things on until you find something that feels like you.”

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Eleven chooses a bright scrunchie and suspenders in neon colours. “The mall rats of the ’80s were wearing these criss-cross belts and accessories were a huge thing. She just gets excited to pile it all on: colours and prints that she’s not worn before,” Parris tells Fashionista of the moment.

In season three, Eleven’s jumpsuit with an abstract print and a belt was one of her most popular outfits. It was an original vintage piece. She wears it with the Reebok shoes and socks that are her trademark.

El’s style has influenced sites like Hot Topic to make button-downs with similar swirling patterns. In an interview with Netflix, Parris discusses the playsuit’s history: “It’s a one-off — we didn’t have multiples of that.Eleven Season 4 Outfits

We got really lucky, because you often need [multiples], especially for kids and stunts in water and whatever she got into that season. But there’s only one. I’ve looked everywhere. It may have been dead stock and made its way to a costume house. But right now, it’s in Eleven’s wardrobe.”

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El wears a bright yellow aztec-print shirt in season 3’s “The Battle of Starcourt.” Levi’s made a similar shirt and high-waisted, pleated, belted pants so fans could get the look.

In Season 2, Eleven’s MTV Punk Phase

In season two, El moves toward a more rugged look, wearing overalls, tough shackets, and other staples of edgy fashion. From her dark eye makeup to her rolled-up jeans, it was easy for fans to put together a Halloween costume that looked like hers.

Season 2’s Snow Ball Dress for Eleven

At the Hawkins Middle School Snow Ball dance at the end of season two, Eleven wears a polka-dot dress with three-quarter-length sleeves and a red belt to cinch her waist. Some Etsy users have handmade replicas of this look.

Eleven’s Oversize Tees in Season 1

In season one, when Eleven isn’t wearing her classic pink dress, she wears a lot of hand-me-down oversized graphic T-shirts like this one.

In Season 1, Eleven Wore a Pink Dress

Eleven’s original pink dress is often remade on costume sites and Etsy shops, making it one of her most well-known outfits from the whole series. Under a casual blue jacket, a pleated dress with a smocked bodice and a white Peter Pan collar stands out in a big way.

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