GameFi NFT Marketplace: Lootex Closes a $9M Funding Round

GameFi NFT Marketplace: Lootex Closes a $9M Funding Round

More than 12,000 NFTs are available in 500 collections on the Taiwanese asset marketplace.

A $9 million seed round headed by Spartan Capital, Infinity Ventures Crypto, LD Capital, and game and entertainment business Akatsuki has been completed for Lootex, a multi-chain non-fungible token (NFT) marketplace.

Over $12,000 NFTs from 500 different collections are already available on Lootex’s online marketplace thanks to the new funding.

Activating the NFT marketplace for GameFi is essential for NFT gamers to be able to own and move on their own accord. Akatsuki believes that Lootex will help expand the GameFi ecosystem.

By the film’s director, Yuji Kumagai.

So far, gamers have had a hard time getting on board, as there have been multiple reports of NFT reaction in the wild.

NFT gamers can buy avatars, goods, and virtual land via Lootex’s marketplace. There are over 50 blockchain-based games that Lootex has worked with, including RPS League and Block Monster.

Polygon Studios, Morningstar Ventures, and SweeperDAO were among the other investors in the round of fundraising.

Lootex CEO and co-founder Justine L: “Our objective is to liberate gaming asset ownership and link blockchain games to traditional gamers.”



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