What Dose Pushing P Meaning on Tiktok?

It has never been a more difficult procedure to launch new music than it is in 2022, when you may take advantage of a plethora of platforms to get found. We owe a debt of gratitude to TikTok and other social media platforms for assisting some of the most successful acts to emerge in recent years in their first success.

A recently released tune is prominently included in a new trend that is spreading rapidly across the platform, and many people are curious as to what the track represents.

What Is Pushing P Meaning Tiktok?

“Pushing P” is actually a song by Atlanta-based rapper Gunna, who collaborated with Young Thug and Future to release it earlier this month as a collaboration with them. Following its release, the song instantly went viral, and it is now being shared throughout TikTok and other social media sites as well.

Despite the fact that the song has increased in popularity, many people are still perplexed as to what the title is actually alluding to in the first place.

“Pushing P” is actually a regional expression that has been used in several sections of the country, particularly the South, for many years. However, in other parts of the United States, the statement is essentially meaningless.

The good news is that Gunna has directly clarified what the term means on Twitter after claiming on The Breakfast Club that the letter “P” stands for “player” during an interview.

Despite the lack of a formal definition, “pushing P” is largely synonymous with “keeping it genuine,” and it is typically considered to be a positive attribute.

The virtue of loyalty, he argued, “is unquestionably P.”

In his words, “jumping into a person’s beef or a scenario when you have no idea what’s going on, is not a good idea.” Following her explanation of what the term meant on Twitter, Gunna went on Instagram Live to present additional examples of what was and was not considered “P,” among other things.

In his words, “F—king your partner’s main b—-h, that ain’t P.” He went on to clarify.

The phrase “you see a lady at the door, you keep the door open for the lady bro” is a reference to P. We’re pushing P, do you understand what I’m saying? Even if I’m battling with my partner over the lack of funds, we’re not going back and forth. “That ain’t P,” says the author.

Despite the fact that Gunna typically employs the letter “p” to refer to “player,” some people also use the letter to refer to “paper.”

Tiktok’s “Pushing P” Video Has Gone Incredibly Popular

Gunna has begun to clarify what his song is about, but the song and the lyric at its heart have gone viral on TikTok even as he clarifies what his song is about. Because of the intrinsic virality of the term, videos including the hashtag have been viewed millions of times on social media.

It appears that Gunna has even joined in the fun, replying to some popular videos and grading them on how precisely they used the term.

“Pushing P” is the newest example of a piece of viral slang that has gained widespread acceptance, thanks in large part to its widespread use on social media. Many of the words that have gained popularity as a result of TikTok were created on the site, however this is not the case in this instance.

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Instead, “pushing P” has quickly evolved from a phrase that was only used in one part of the country to something that almost everyone on social media is at least vaguely familiar with.

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