“Destiny 2”: Shattered Throne Map and Dungeon Guide with Tips that will make your experience smooth


The Shattered Throne is the closest thing to the dungeon in Destiny 2. Where Strikes exist as simple missions, Shattered Throne is more like a mini-raid, with two bosses and unique mechanisms and platforms in a massive environment. It is also available only once every three weeks (per feature). If you’re not into raiding, the Shattered Throne is probably the best activity in the game, be it trophies or good times. In this guide, we will cover how to complete each level of the dungeon and provide some useful tips to make the main encounter far easier. 

First: to start your adventure, you must reach the entrance of the dungeon. The fastest way to get to the Shattered Throne is to go straight from the landing zone in the City of Dreams, while hugging the left wall. Continue until you reach the large building where Oracle is located. On your left, you will find a bridge on a path down the cliff. Follow this until you arrive at a portal. Open it and walk along the corridor until you see a room with a thin beam of light passing through it. The entrance to the Shattered Throne is at the back of this room.

Table of Contents

Part 1: The labyrinth

Once you enter the windy, monochrome Ascendant Realm, you will need a map. The map explores the first and the most complex area of ​​the Shattered Throne zone, commonly known as the Labyrinth. The goal here is to clear the seven temples in the labyrinth in a specific order, marked by symbols on our map. The order is different each time, so it is important to understand how the temples are connected to each other. In other words, it will always start and end at the lower central temple marked with the “diving bird” symbol. 

At the beginning of the encounter, go straight to the Temple of the Diving Bird and then kill the Yellow Tiaochao that is inside. Another symbol will appear on the ground. Find that symbol on the map and go to the attached temple. Repeat this process according to our map until you return to the Cathedral of the Diving Bird. A final mini-boss will be produced. Kill him for some mighty loot then move on to the next part. 

In this encounter, the most difficult thing is not to get lost. The temple leader himself is not that dangerous; most of them can shoot easily. Be careful of the Taken Thrall generated on the mainland, not to mention the Taken squares generated on some floating platforms. The hobgoblins that are taken will also lay eggs around the maze, and you should be especially vigilant for them.

Part 2: The hike

At the bottom of the hole, you will find a linear path. Follow it until you descend back into an open area. Equip something with a suitable range to take out Possessed Vandals shooting from above. Otherwise, just press forward. After reaching the top, you will find another little boss in front of a door. You know what to do. 

This door leads to a huge corridor with a Shattered bridge in the middle. There are hobgoblins and enchanted knights on the wall in the distance, and enchanted squares on the bridge. Similarly, you need a bow and arrow, sniper rifle, or some other long-range weapon. You can eliminate most goblins and knights from the door. After that, push up along the edge of the room, shoot the phalanx in the middle, and then jump onto the bridge. Shoot the remaining hobgoblins before climbing, then go left.

Now is the time for more distressing platform games, this time with the taste of Dark Souls. You will come to a large room with thin beams. As you might have guessed, you need to reach the door on the far left of the room without falling and dying. The problem is that as you progress, Taken Ogres will appear on some circular platforms. These ogres will knock you down in the blink of an eye, so once you see or hear them appear, stand back and kill your snipers. Stay away from them and destroy them. Spinning Taken Orbs will also appear on some platforms, but you can avoid them by making some smart jumps between beams. As long as you face the ogre in time and worry about your jump, you should reach the finish line smoothly. 

The next part is the return from the raid at Crota’s end of primeval destiny. In short, this is a corridor full of shadow slaves. Your goal is to make it to the finish, but the key is that you are always down, which means you can’t run, double jump, or regain health naturally. In other words, all you need to do is bring your favorite form of alternative treatment, such as Warlock Healing Rifts, Hunter’s Exotic Shell Crown, or Crimson Exotic Hand Cannon, to fully flatten this part of the dungeon. It’s really not that difficult – stick together, hug the wall on the left, hold W. If you are surrounded, throw an AoE grenade. Go to the end, jump the glowing barrier and enter a small room. Go to the cathedral in the distance to start the next encounter.

Part 3: Vorgeth, the Boundless Hunger 

This is an ideal opportunity for the main director of the Shattered Throne. Oblivion is a huge ogre, guarded by four wizards, and each wizard has his enemies accompanying them. The goal of this experience is to assassinate Vorgeth’s magic clocks, collect the spheres they drop, and store each of the four circles in a light on the field. It will destroy Vorgeth’s shield and allow him DPS. Getting to that stage requires a lot of careful planning and spreading the shots, so let’s go over the battle.

Part 4: Dul Incaru Fight

The remaining roads are long but direct. There are many dangerous enemies and jumps, including Booopan that hits the ledge, but it is nothing more complex and new. Once again, please follow the bad people. Come to the small temple area in the final chief of the throne that finally powder: Dul Incaru, Eternal Return. She is easier than Vorgi, but she is a very different fighter, so we go beyond mechanics.  

DU INCARU is protected by three knights, that is, Bigass knights. When they die, these knights lower the orb and you need them for DPS Dol-Far. Because the benefit provided with these orbs is time, it kills the three knights and then take your own orb at the same time. If you kill the knight, DUL INCARU will convene a crystal behind the room to immunize them. If this happens, kill Crystal ASAP-Shisgun work a wonderful job and returns to the knight. You will also become dawning the battle, and they are alone, kill them as soon as possible. 

The tiny arena is the actual tough hurdle here. Hide from the attacks of DUL INCARU, because it does not provide many covers. When you start to fight, come out of the entrance that will provide a better cover, move to the side. The Whisper of the Worm is ideal to kill the knights because the shot in the head is very easy.  

Audit for the two spheres, but three are ideal to be ideal Duluñales damage. Use the same weapon and its supers used for Vorgeth. The buff of this battle is not tremendous, and regardless of what you use, it illuminates her absolutely. For example, the whisper of the worm gives 1 million damage per shot on the head with three orbs. So she will probably die in a DPS cycle.  

When everything goes according to the plan, Dul will die immediately after grabbing the last orb. Try it alone now. Then try it alone without dying. The strategy of this guide works for the group and the solo player, so try it out now!


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