How Do You Take the “Human Feeling” Quiz on Tiktok?

Here’s everything you need to know about the “what human feeling are you” quiz that’s going viral on TikTok, including how to take it yourself.

TikTok, a platform for short-form video, is a hotbed of viral content, with weekly trends and challenges going viral and spreading to For You Pages all over the world.

Users of the video-sharing platform TikTok are particularly fond of “personality tests” that purport to reveal important information about the taker’s character. The multidimensional anger scale and the reality check quiz are two examples from the past.

The latest trending quiz asks, “What human feeling are you?” the results of which can range from “humility” to “sincere love.”

Videos posted by TikTok users showing off their results are getting millions of views, which in turn drives more people to take the quiz.

Human Quiz

How to Take the “What Kind of Human Emotion Are You?” Quiz

Those interested in taking the test for themselves can do so here. Because the page is written in Russian, you will need to use your browser’s translation tools to read it in English, or whatever language you prefer. It’s common for this function to be displayed when you type in a website’s address, but its location varies by browser and platform.

Examples of such queries are “what would you like right now?” also, “can I be allowed to feel something?” by providing a selection of possible responses.

Human Quiz

TikTok Quiz

Here’s how to make your own version of the viral TikTok quiz that asks what kind of human emotion best describes you.

You might have seen the “what human feeling are you?” quiz if you spend any time at all on TikTok or Twitter.

It’s a recent phenomenon in the realm of social media, with its roots in a peculiar place: a Russian quiz hosted on the website Squiz. If you can’t read Russian, you can always use your browser’s built-in translation tool (located near the search bar at the top of your screen) to take the quiz.

Some of the questions seem to come out of nowhere, and others may be difficult to read or understand due to translation mistakes. Choose an incident at random from my life that you think best represents you as an example of a question type.

Some answers to this question are “I thought about the bad, cried, and then mentally said, “Well, fuck him,” and went to do my own thing,” and “I listened to music on the swing for an hour and a half and thought a lot.” The emo vibes are strong here.

A gym instructor’s accusation of a “pervert” client by a female client has sparked heated discussion.

The quiz asks eleven questions about your emotional makeup and then reveals your results. Some of them, like “depression” or “love,” have straightforward definitions, while others, like “boredom” or “stupid,” seem more at random “Having a lazy afternoon nap in the grass.

Personality tests are currently trending on TikTok. Many people have joined the trend, posting their attempts to decipher their mood boards on the microblogging service, receiving thousands of likes.

You can take the popular personality test at While Russian is the default language, non-Russian speakers can still take the quiz by following the instructions below.

Human Quiz

Quizzes and Games Testing Human Behavior

This is a guide for the “what human emotion are you?” test.

The wacky personality test can be taken at, but only in Russian.

If you don’t speak Russian, you’ll need to use your browser’s translation tool to switch to your native tongue. If you are using Google Chrome to access the site, you can click the translate button in the top right-hand corner of the window “Put AA” into the search bar on the top right of the page.

This facilitates automatic translation into the target language. The multiple-choice questions on the “what human feeling are you?” quiz provide a variety of answers. The questions posed here are concerned with the common responses of humans.

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