James Khuri Net Worth 2022: Bio, Career | What Is James Khuri Business?

James Khuri is a successful businessman and entrepreneur. He is an American who currently resides in Los Angeles. He is the CEO of two massive corporations. The first is FJ Holdings, a trading card distributor, and the second is Khuri Enterprises, a real estate firm.

He is well-known for his social media presence, where he flaunts his opulent lifestyle. On social media, he even refers to himself as an influencer. By 2022, James Khuri’s net worth will have surpassed $400 million.

Khuri recently made headlines because of his son, Brendan Khuri. Under his luxury Lamborghini worth $200K, the 17-year-old youngster slaughtered a woman called Monique Munoz! And the car was a birthday present from his father, Khuri. Let us learn more about his life.

James Khuri Net Worth

Early Life

On December 26, 1975, James Khuri was born in Los Angeles. Umaya is the name of his mother. His father is Fuad J. Khuri, and his mother is Umaya. Jane is her given name. Khuri has a sister as well. Nothing is known about him or his childhood.

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He did, however, graduate from the Simon School of Business in Rochester, New York, with an MBA. He is 46 years old now. Khuri had his first child. Brendan Khuri gave birth to a boy when he was 17 years old.

His name was Brendan Khuri. Christine was Khuri’s first wife. Brendan, Christine’s son, was born. They split up in 2008, and Khuri has been working on his own since then. Brendon was arrested for vehicular manslaughter a few days earlier by the Los Angeles Police Department.


After earning his MBA, he went into real estate. He bought medical and housing complexes in New York and Los Angeles in 2001. It turned out to be advantageous to him. Following that, he went on to manufacture and sell the products in mercantile establishments.

His main goal was to make money by trading branded cards like Pokemon. There are Yu-Gi-Oh! and other sports trading cards available. He expanded his company into the global market by using Amazon, eBay, Walmart, and Mercari.

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In fact, he is the sole Amazon employee on the planet right now. It has also shown its support for him by hiring someone from one of his businesses. When Amazon assists a company is running an online platform, it is not a joke. Walmart has also requested him to assist with the “Fulfilled by Walmart” scheme.

He has been working on the idea through his company and has already handled 4,000 orders in a week, which is a lot. What is the net worth of Damon Thomas? You can learn about his earnings, salary, family, and bio right here!! James Khuri is the founder and CEO of FJ Holdings, a trading card firm.

James Khuri Net Worth
James Khuri Net Worth 2022: Bio, Career | What Is James Khuri Business?

He is also the founder and CEO of Khuri Enterprises, a real estate firm that sells houses. Yes, James is a savvy businessman. He reached $100 million in sales at the age of 27. By 2022, he wants to make $200 million in sales.

Personal Life

James Khuri is currently unattached. He was married to Christine, from whom he divorced in 2008. From his marriage to his ex-wife Christine, James has a son named Brendan Khuri.

Brendan Khuri, his son, was recently detained by Los Angeles Police on an allegation of vehicular manslaughter. He actually hit Monique Munoz with his Lamborghini SUV, which was given to him by his father, James Khuri.

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Christine said no, no, no shortly after he gave him a beautiful sports car for his 17th birthday. Christine’s new husband also commented on the situation, claiming that an accident was just waiting to happen.

Recent Controversy

Brendan, James’ son, was injured in a car accident in 2021 while driving his Lamborghini Urus. Brendan was allegedly speeding when he crashed with a silver Lexus sedan, killing Monique Munoz, the sedan’s driver. After suffering minor head injuries, Brendan was arrested and convicted of irresponsible driving.

James Khuri Net Worth

In a message on his Instagram account, James directly apologized to the Munoz family and extended his support for them. James was chastised for purchasing a high-end car for his adolescent son before he was legally allowed to drive.


James now lives in a 3,941-square-foot house at 607 North Hillcrest Road. In his collection, he has a Lamborghini Urus, a BMW M6 Sedan, a Lamborghini Aventador, and a Lamborghini Huracan. According to reports, Lamborghini is one of his favourite brands

James Khuri’s Net Worth

James Khuri is a $400 million net worth American businessman and social media influencer who was born on December 26, 1975. He is the CEO of two significant corporations: FJ Holdings, a trading card distributor, and Khuri Enterprises, a real estate company.

Khuri recently made headlines after his 17-year-old son, Brendan Khuri, killed a woman named Monique Munoz in his beautiful Lamborghini valued at $200K, which he received as a birthday present from his father.

Recent Differing Views

Brendan, James’ son, was driving a Lamborghini Urus when he was involved in an accident in 2021. Monique Munoz, the driver of a silver Lexus sedan, was killed when Brendan, who was speeding, allegedly collided with her vehicle.

James Khuri Net Worth
James Khuri Net Worth 2022: Bio, Career | What Is James Khuri Business?

Brendan was arrested and convicted of careless driving after suffering a minor head injury. James apologised to the Munoz family and expressed his support for them in an Instagram statement. James’ father chastised him for buying his son an expensive car before he was old enough to drive.

Popularity on Social Media

James Khuri has a sizable social media following. He spends a lot of time on Instagram. On Instagram, he has 1.8 million followers. In addition, she has 20,541 Facebook fans.


James Khuri’s net worth is expected to be approximately $400 million by 2022, according to current estimates. In 2020, he expects to earn approximately $100 million in income, with the possibility of earning substantially more in the future.

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He receives a considerable sum of money in compensation for his function as CEO. James’ e-commerce endeavours are also proving to be extremely successful.

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