The best science films for students in 2021

The best science films for students in 2021

Of course, watching movies is one of the most popular types of recreation for both students and adults. Why not combine the useful with the pleasant? If you want to have a good essay, use essay editing service, and if you want to deepen your knowledge in science – watch the films we offer.

1. Man from Earth 2007

Incredibly talented work by director Richard Schenkman, who managed to shoot a wonderful science fiction story for only $ 200,000 about university professor John Oldman, who decides to move to another city and gathers colleagues and friends for a farewell party. In the midst of his farewell, the professor confesses to his friends that he is immortal and is over 14,000 years old. Due to the fact that he does not grow old, every 10 years he has to move to a new place of residence in order not to arouse suspicion. Colleagues make John laugh, seeing this confession as another of his ingenious pranks. But the more a professor talks about his life, the harder it is to understand whether he is joking or telling the truth.

The film is really shot for a penny, and the action takes place in a single room – the professor’s house. The whole emphasis of this film is on carefully thought-out and balanced dialogues. And the dialogues are just a miracle! Try to give this movie a little of your time and you will not be disappointed. The script of this ingenious tape was written by one of the original screenwriters of the cult series Star Trek. And this film became popular largely due to the fact that at one of its few screenings in the cinema, pirates recorded the film on camera and distributed the recording on the Web. The director then personally thanked the owners of the pirate site, who helped the audience learn about the film.

2. District № 9 2009

If we talk about modern science fiction, then in no case can not ignore the wonderful film by Neil Blomkamp “District № 9”. The project grew out of his short film, Alive in Joburg, which impressed director Peter Jackson’s wife so much that she persuaded her husband to produce a full-length film based on this short video.

The film is very topical and tells about how an alien spaceship with refugees was forced to make an emergency landing in the area of ​​Johannesburg (South Africa). Earth authorities organized for them a kind of ghetto called.

In general, this picture makes many references to the apartheid regime in South Africa and the so-called “sixth district” in the city of Cape Town. But even if you reject all political views and theories, the plot of this film so absorbs the viewer that it is almost impossible to break away from watching. The movie turned out, to put it mildly, almost perfect. And the acting of Charlotte Copley, who plays the role got into the trap of a paper clerk, is simply beyond praise. If you have bypassed this masterpiece so far – now is the time to make up for lost time.

3. Time Travel 2009

And again a British fantasy comedy about time travel. The British generally do well in movies and TV series on similar topics, remember at least the cult series “Doctor Who”.

Three unsuccessful friends drink quietly and peacefully in a typical English pub after work. During the trip to the bar, one of them, Ray, whose role is played by you know from the series “Computer” Chris Pro. Of course, Ray thought it was an intricate prank made by his friends and didn’t believe a word she said. And here the plot begins to develop rapidly in a completely unpredictable way.

Over the next hour you will have to observe an incredible series of events, time travel with the help of a regular public toilet, as well as many difficult situations in which the main characters are sure to fall. If you like clever British comedies, this is exactly what Doctor Who prescribed for you.

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