Top 10 Inspirational Success Stories You’ll Love

    Top 10 Inspirational Success Stories You'll Love

    Everyone on our beautiful planet want to be successful. It does not matter whether the concerned individual is a youngster, teenager or the old aged, at each and every stage of our large life span, it is our natural desire to be successful and continue forward consistently towards more gigantic success.

    The mentality of competition with each other may regularly be recognised at any of the places including schools, universities, coaching, work fields including organisations, offices, etc to name a few. As a comparison to our efforts towards the works to acquire success, we typically expect much more and want success to knock our doors very quickly.

    If in case, it does not happen, we use to feel frustrated and finally sink deeper within the darkness of inferiority. This is a common occurrence among the majority of people, who tend to focus only on their mistakes and failures rather than their regular and focused efforts.

    There are other such examples to be found around the globe. Most of the iconic characters have previously encountered major failures in their life’s challenges. Despite this, they persisted in their quest for success and eventually found it in their chosen industries. Neither their race, religion, or ethnicity has ever slowed them down on their path to success.

    Steve Jobs: Steve Jobs has been acknowledged as an iconic character for the establishment of Apple like the biggest firm. However, it is quite startling to hear that the $2 billion firm with over 4000 people has been established with only two persons in a garage. It is also to be mentioned that this excellent establisher has been terminated and fired from the company from which he has began his profession. Realizing his potential and ability, Steve Jobs continued to build the largest corporation in the world, which is commonly known as ‘Apple’.

    Bill Gates: It was very much vital for Bill gates to hear the lessons of failure in comparison to relishing the delight of success. This outstanding entrepreneur who has developed Microsoft like the biggest software firm is a dropout student from Harvard. Furthermore, he has also been recognised for his self-owned business figure known as Traf-O-Data which was one of the worst flops in history. Bill Gates’ whole investment was lost, and the schooling itself was unable to be completed as a result. But, the intense drive and the love for the computer programming based stuff drove him to develop such biggest software corporation with the brand name ‘Microsoft’.

    Albert Einstein: Because of his groundbreaking discoveries and significant contributions to science, practically everyone in the world has heard of Albert Einstein, the world-renowned scientist and amazing genius. He said that success is a failure in progress, and that a person who has never failed can never be considered successful in the true sense of the term. He was bullied relentlessly as a child. He was not even able to talk fluently till the age of nine years following which he has been dismissed from the school. Furthermore, his entrance to Zurich Polytechnic School was also not considered. However, he continually paved the road for success and, in 1921, was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics for his work as a well-known pearl amid the sea of scientific and technological achievement.

    Abraham Lincoln: This famous personality who has also been the ex-president of the USA has suffered routinely from major failures year after the year. After Lincoln’s economic ventures failed in 1831, he suffered a psychological collapse in 1836. Despite his long and arduous efforts, he was once again unsuccessful in the 1856 US presidential elections. In 1861, after a long and valiant campaign, he was elected as the 16th President of the United States and continued to lead the country in the direction of his ideals.

    J.K. Rowling: J.K.Rowling, the best-selling author of “Harry Potter,” has spoken candidly about her failings at Harvard during a speaking ceremony. She spoke about her poor marriage life with an entire existence in front of live lonely with an unemployed condition. Such a terrible condition without a life partner and a job to subsist forced her to start a new life as a creative author. Her inventiveness finally took her to the height of achievement.

    Source: FounderZest

    Michael Jordan: Michael Jordan is a legendary basketball player who played for the Chicago Bulls and the Los Angeles Lakers. Because he was short as a child, he was frequently passed over for jobs because of his height. After being grown up and starting playing like a basketball player, he even failed to hit over nine thousand shots and ultimately lost over three hundred games for twenty-six occasions. He felt frustrated a lot yet his persistence and consistency led his route towards achievement.

    Walt Disney: Walt Disney has been renowned as one of the greatest cartoonist and creator of famous cartoon creatures such as Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, etc to mention a few. He even failed multiple times in his life. In the end, he was obliged to quit school and further his education because of his failed effort to join the military. In the end, he was sacked from his newspaper agency job at Missouri Newspaper for not being innovative enough, despite the fact that his company, Laugh-O-Gram Studios, went bankrupt.

    Vincent Van Gogh was a well-known painter and artist who became an iconic figure in history after he died in 1890. However, due to continual failures and disasters such as mental illness and poor bonding in the partnerships forced him to commit suicide at an early age of simply 37 years. During the entire life span, this individual sold only a single artwork which revolutionised him in the world of arts and paintings which is alive to date.

    Stephen King: This name is acknowledged as the most renowned writer all over the world. However, he experienced various catastrophes and disappointments during his life span. His upbringing was marred by poverty and the additional miseries of falling prey to drugs and alcohol. But, finally, he remained on concentrating on his writing based interest and professionalised it by establishing many new writing styles along with new copyrighting systems as well.

    Steven Spielberg: This outstanding director who has received innumerable records and prizes for his effort towards excellent film production has also suffered from several failures in his life. Because he struggled academically in school, he was expelled three times from USC as a result of his inability to achieve better marks. He continued to make outstanding films because of his enthusiasm and commitment, and he ended up winning three Academy Awards and directing 51 films that were all excellent.


    Success constantly looks ahead of the stupid reasons and puts itself front than the generated misconceptions. It is not constrained by religious ethics and is not based on any particular faith, such as Hinduism, Islam, Christianity, or any other of the many others. Success is the consequence of crucial determination and concentration when going ahead in the path of workings. The tale of all the ten world-renowned persons is enough to establish an everlasting potential towards obtaining the objective of success



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