Trigoxin: Is The Medicine In Hulu’s Movie ‘Run’ Real?

Trigoxin: Is The Medicine In Hulu’s Movie Run Real?

Run is a new horror- thriller movie that was released on Hulu. It revolves around the story of a psycho deranged woman who imprisons her sick daughter for years and the mention of the drug named Trigoxin is there in the movie a lot. 

Sarah Paulson who is the star of American Crime Story is seen playing the role of Diane Sherman in the movie. Her character is found kidnapping a baby when she was born and then imprisons her in their house. The child grows up and when she reaches her adulthood, Diane keeps finding out new ways to keep her daughter Chloe dependent on her. 

Chloe is usually sick all the time or at least this is what she is made to think. However, in reality, it is Diane who keeps her sick all the time and also confined her to a wheelchair by manipulating her mentally since the time she was a small child. She also gives her a lot of drugs to do so. 

What Is Trigoxin? 

Trigoxin is the drug that is shown abundantly through the course of the plot. Chloe ends up finding a bottle of drug or medication in the groceries that her mom had bought and she quickly notes the label.

Later, Chloe’s mother tries to cover up by convincing her that this bottle is for Chloe herself which makes her even more suspicious about her mom and her findings. She becomes sure about her suspicion when Diane does not let her know anything more about the drug and tries to cover everything up as much as she can.

Chloe does not give up and keeps her investigation going under the table. A stranger on the call assists Chloe and researches about the drug Trigoxin and informs her that “it’s a “brand name drug that treats severe heart conditions including atrial fibrillation, flutter, or heart failure”. But they add another thing which leaves Chloe in a dilemma. The pill is red in colour but Chloe remembers that the pill her mom gives her is green in colour.

To state facts, there is no drug named Trigoxin that exists and does the aforementioned. Having said that, Digoxin is a drug that has the exact same reactions as described above. The names of the  two drugs rhyme and the spellings of their names match too so the directors and creators of the show were definitely intending to show a plausible drug name in the movie.  

Is Trigoxin Used For Dogs?

There is another scene in the movie where Chloe is seen contacting a pharmacist to find out more about the drug and she learns that this drug is nothing but a muscle relaxant prescribed to reduce canine leg pain or leg discomfort caused by sunburns, bites, or cuts and she is also told that her mother Diane must be getting this drug her her pet dog.

In reality, there is no such drug for dogs either. However, the closest drug that this could possibly be is Lidocaine and it is useful for both humans and dogs. 


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