P Valley Season 2: Confirmed Release Date, Trailer & Everything We Know in 2022!

It’s time to dig out those old 8-inch heels because Starz’s risqué original series P-Valley has been renewed for a second season! P-Valley was happily renewed after its successful first season, promising fans more stories revolving around the characters they grew to love, as well as all the drama that was left unfinished.

While the lives of pole dancers and strippers remain relatively taboo in many societies, there is growing public interest in their lives, experiences, and how they make money in such a niche industry.

P Valley Season 2

P-success Valley is preceded by the 2018 Allblk Original Documentary Naked Hustle, which focuses on the intersection of hip-hop music and stripping culture.

Similarly, Lorene Scafaria’s 2019 film Hustlers, starring Jennifer Lopez, Constance Wu, Julia Stiles, Keke Palmer, and Lili Reinhart, peaked audience interest in female stories with the glossy and dramatic storyline of stealing from the rich and redistributing their wealth to the working ladies.

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P-Valley, created and produced by Khaliah Neal (The Last Black Man in San Francisco) and Katori Hall (Tina), follows these examples and offers the audience a darker and often melodramatic insight into the machinations of owning and working in a strip club.

Set in the Deep South, specifically the Mississippi Delta, Hall’s vision, which began as a play, seeks to highlight stories and people who are frequently misunderstood or misrepresented in the media. Here’s everything we know about P-upcoming Valley’s season.

What Is the P-valley Season 2 Story About?

According to Starz, Season 2 will continue to test the characters we know and love as they face new and unexpected challenges in their lives. Season 2 will most likely focus on the characters navigating the new leadership dynamic after Season One ended with Autumn purchasing The Pynk from Uncle Clifford.

This ultimately resulted in the preservation of all of their jobs, but it also brought with it a new leader. Autumn has progressed far beyond the shy, new girl on the block still learning the ropes at the start of the first season.

P Valley Season 2

While her origin story and shady past that led her to The Pynk remain a mystery, this may be gradually revealed to audiences as she undoubtedly faces power struggles with Uncle Clifford.

Katori Hall and the writers felt that weaving the pandemic into the storyline was a powerful way of exploring external hurdles that these venues face, inspired by the intimacy-based experiences that venues like The Pynk are based on.

As a result, audiences can anticipate these themes as a larger impediment, adding tension that the characters are unable to control.

Who Is in the P-valley Season 2 Cast?

As shown in the teaser above, we can expect all of the core characters from Season 1 to return and continue their stories. Autumn Night is played by Elarica Johnson (Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince), and Mercedes is played by Brandee Evans (The Bobby Brown Story).

Miss Mississippi is played by Shannon Thornton (Power), Lil’ Murda is played by J. Alphonse Nicholson (Chicago P.D.) and Uncle Clifford is played by Nicco Annan (This is Us). Dancers Whisper and Roulette, played by Psalms Salazar (Girl Lost: A Hollywood Thriller).

P Valley Season 2

Gail Bean (Snowfall), will be adding new blood to The Pynk as the club’s latest recruits in Season 2. Based on the tense welcome that Autumn received when she first arrived in Season 1, and Mercedes’ attachment to The Pynk and her job, the new additions are likely to cause a stir among the other girls.

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When Does P-valley Season 2 Release?

P-Valley creator Katori Hall revealed during a Twitter Q&A in September 2020 that the coronavirus pandemic was “making it hard to shoot” and that it would “take a while to gear up for production.

“A casting call posted in March 2021 sought actors available to film in the summer, implying that P-Valley would most likely not return until late 2021 or early 2022. Starz announced on April 12 that it will return on June 3, 2022.

P Valley Season 2

On May 11, Starz released the first official Season 2 trailer. Which teases plenty of conflicts as well as some COVID-related business struggles: Season 2 will be 25% longer, according to the show’s Twitter account.

Season 1 had eight episodes, while Season 2 will have ten. Hall also has a five-year plan for the show, as long as it maintains its high ratings — it had the most-watched premiere in Starz history.

  • Season 1 Release Date- July 12, 2020

How Many Episodes Are There in Season 2 of P-valley?

Season 2 will have two more episodes than the first season, for a total of ten one-hour episodes.

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Is a P-valley Season 2 Trailer Available?

Despite the fact that the show’s second season was confirmed only two weeks after the first season premiered, filming and production delays delayed the release of a trailer or any sneak peek into the second season until recently. Season 2 has finally been revealed to audiences in a brief but a spicy sneak peek.

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