Who Is the Strongest Naruto Character: a List of the Ten Strongest Characters?

One of the best things about Naruto was its convoluted yet logically solid power rankings. Even though the show aired 720 total episodes in its entirety, the game’s battle system remained nearly unchanged because it was so well-executed (including Naruto and Naruto Shippuden).

While there are many great ninjas in Naruto, these are the top ten most powerful characters in the series.


Jiraiya was not merely a formidable ninja But his significance stretches way beyond this thanks to his function as a famous teacher. However, there was a prediction that he would one day train someone who could either destroy or save the entire planet.

Aside from the famed Fourth Hokage, Jiraiya had three notable students during the course of his career: Nagato and Naruto.

A talented ninja in his own right, Jiraiya was called one of the Three Legendary Sanin by his master.

Might Guy

Despite his well-deserved reputation as Kakashi’s archrival, Might Guy is more than just a match for the popular hero.

Taijiquan-style taijutsu and a preference for hand-to-hand combat allow Might Guy to open the hidden gates and gain immense power. Because of this, when they first meet, Kisame of the Akatsuki is terrified to fight him, despite the fact that he’s shown to be capable of doing so only once.


Of course, Minato would eventually outperform his teacher. Only at the tender age of fourteen did his strength allows him to ascend to become a Hokage and terrorize the world. Even the ninja was forced to flee at the sight of him.

The Rasengan ninjutsu technique was invented by Minato, who was extremely swift.

Any Shinobi other than the greatest of the best would be easily defeated by him in a duel.

As a Result of Kakashi Hatake’s Actions

The first ninja we see is Kakashi, who is a powerful shinobi. The tale, on the other hand, does a great job of keeping us in the dark about Kakashi’s significance. When he takes on Zabuza, we don’t even realize how powerful he is.

Even so, it’s clear that Zabuza will always fall short of Kakashi’s abilities, no matter how much he tries. Kakashi is still able to get the better of him.

The fact that Zabuza was able to face Kakashi and even pose a challenge to him shows that he is more powerful than we give him credit for — not many Shinobi would be able to do this. A few more years would have allowed for Zabuza to mature into an even more formidable foe.

In any case, this is intended to be about Kakashi, and there’s a lot to say about him! A 13-year-old Anbu Black Ops recruit, he was (two years older than Itachi Uchiha was when he himself joined).

Kakashi has a wide range of ninjutsu skills, including the lightning-wielding Chidori (Lightning Blade) technique he devised.

It’s no surprise that Kakashi ended up becoming the Hokage – there was no other suitable candidate at the time.

This Is Itachi Uchiha’s Name

He’s a mystery. Naruto’s inventor once called him “the single most powerful ninja alive,” and even now it’s hard to fully appreciate his might. In addition, many people view Itachi’s defeat to Sasuke as a black mark against his name.

However, it appears that Itachi was the true master of that conflict the entire time, skillfully orchestrating his defeat at the hands of Sasuke.

The Mangekyo Sharingan, as well as the Susanoo, are two of Itachi’s most impressive abilities. Itachi Uchiha may be the only ninja in the world with such a poor knowledge of genjutsu and ninjutsu.

In the Name of the Great One Obito Uchiha

Kakashi has a secret childhood pal who happens to be their major enemy of Naruto. Yes, you read that correctly. The main villain of the series is the same person that gave Kakashi his enigmatic Sharingan. He is also one of the strongest. Obito was a student of Minato’s, along with Kakashi, because he was a powerful Uchiha.

His ultimate might was unleashed by Madara Uchiha, who he studied under. Prior to Obito’s demise, the Nine-Tailed Fox was effectively under his control, the Akatsuki were commanded by him from the shadows and he had almost boundless power.

Trying to follow him would be a challenge.

Madara Uchiha Is a Character in the Naruto Series

It’s safe to say that Madara, the first Uchiha badass, is the most powerful Uchiha ever (before Sasuke). Thought to be one of Naruto’s greatest adversaries, Madara is capable of taking on the original “god” of Shinobi.

With Madara’s acquisition of the Rinnegan and the Ten-Tailed Beast Jinchuriki in the Great Shinobi War Arc, he acquires even greater and unequaled strength.

Hashirama’s Greatest Victory

Other than these two, Senju was the first “God of Shinobi” and the founder of the Hidden Leaf Village. He was powerful enough to defeat Madara Uchiha in his prime and had the ability to control wood, which was highly sought for. The Senju clan’s kekkei Genkai, or blood trait, was strong enough to compete with the Sharingan of the Uchiha clan – a blood trait known as the Sharingan.

The Vengeful Uchiha Sasuke

There were high expectations for Sasuke Uchiha, who was born into probably the most powerful clan in history. The same could be said of his younger brother Itachi, who was also born with a natural talent.

Sasuke, Naruto’s nemesis, had it easy, but it didn’t change his demeanor. In reality, Sasuke spends the entirety of the show acting like a jerk who is obsessed with his own personal power. Naruto is still the original OG badass in the end, even when he gains enough power to rival him.

Naruto Uzamaki Naruto

Who else can claim the top spot? After all, Naruto is the show’s name. Naruto’s journey to the top of this list is anything but easy. In the beginning, he is the most knuckle-headed ninja, unable to do even the most basic of moves, and with an attitude that suggests he will eventually quit.

The Nine-Tailed Fox provides Naruto with an ocean-sized amount of chakra, allowing him to surpass all other ninjas of his time and history.

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