Love Island UK Season 6: Which Couples Have Broken Up?

In February of 2020, ITV‘s renowned dating reality show Love Island finished its sixth season with the winning duo of Finn Tapp (Instagram) and Paige Turley. Luke T. and Siannise (Instagram), who came in second, and Luke M. and Demi, who came in third, were up against some stiff competition during their 44-day stay in the villa.

Season 6’s competing couples haven’t seen each other for nearly two years, so it’s a good idea to check in and see how their relationships have progressed. Are the most successful marriages still going strong?

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Which Couples Are Still Together?

  • Luke T. And Siannise 

Love Island UK Season 6

When Luke Trotman courted Siannise on the popular reality dating show, he did a lot of the most romantic things, like setting up an enchanted fairy-tale-like covert encounter.

The close bond between Luke and Siannise helped them to come in second place with honours to their name. They not only won over the hearts of each other’s but also that of millions of viewers around the world.

According to Cosmopolitan, Luke and Siannise’s relationship has evolved in recent years. In addition to their on-screen relationship becoming real life, they now share a London apartment and a puppy named Nala.

  • Finn And Paige

Love Island UK Season 6

Capital UK reports that Finn and Paige are still together and going strong over two years after winning Love Island season 6. When the COVID-19 lockdown took place, the pair faced a new challenge: being separated in real life from each other as they had been on the island of the game show.

A brief period of time was spent living together at Paige’s parent’s house.

The two never faltered in their commitment to each other, even as the competition progressed and they reached the finals. As one of the top Love Island couples, Finn and Paige have made their relationship official by moving in together.

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  • Molly And Callum

Love Island UK Season 6

After nearly a month of being Shaughna Phillips’ romantic island partner, Callum Jones shocked fans by breaking her heart. During the Casa Amor test, Callum succumbed to the urge to choose Molly Smith. At this point, the choice appears to be sound.

Right now, the two are still living together in a Manchester apartment as if they were never apart. Their lively relationship is evident in the innumerable Instagram images they share of each other.

  • Nas And Eva

Love Island UK Season 6

Nas Majeed and Eva Zapico, who met at the Casa Amor celebration at the end of Love Island season 6, were one of the most adorable and easy-to-support couples.

Throughout the season, Nas had a difficult time finding a girlfriend, but when he finally met Eva, he was completely blown away.

Even though they just spent a few days together on the island, Nas and Eva remain in a relationship six months after leaving the program (per Cosmopolitan). Even Demi, Nas’ ex-girlfriend, shared her joy over their relationship on social media, demonstrating how pleasant Nas and Eva have remained throughout the years.

Which Couples Have Broken Up?

  • Connor And Sophie

Love Island UK Season 6

Love Island playboy Connor Durman waited patiently for his ex-girlfriend Sophie Piper to return home after being abruptly booted from the show early in the season. However, they did not become an official couple on Valentine’s Day.

Connor and Sophie, like many couples in season 6, we’re unable to see each other on a regular basis due to the COVID-19 epidemic and forced lockdown in the United Kingdom. As a result, according to The Sun, their romance fizzled after a few real-world dates.

  • Priscilla And Mike

Love Island UK Season 6

Priscilla and Mike ended their relationship after finishing in the top five despite their apparent chemistry on the way there, according to Cosmopolitan. After being introduced in Casa Amor, Mike decided to bring Priscilla back to the villa with him because of their intense romance.

Priscilla and Mike made an effort after their time on the island to make things work. However, things quickly deteriorated, and by the summer of 2021, the two had officially announced their breakup.

  • Demi And Luke M.

Love Island UK Season 6

Despite being in third place, Demi and Luke Mabbott reunited about ten days before the competition ended. As a result, it should come as no surprise that the pair has subsequently split (per Cosmopolitan).

When they first met, Luke’s immature and noncommittal demeanor highlighted their lack of connection.

They were quick to blame their divorce on the COVID-19 lockdown but Demi claimed that Luke made no effort to make things work in real life. Lucie Donlan, a previous Love Island competitor, is now dating Luke.

  • Ched And Jess 

Love Island UK Season 6

When Ched Uzor and Jess Gale teamed up in the midst of the season, they finished in fourth place, which was a decent result.

Despite the fact that they courted in London and Manchester after their time on the island, the two never formally became boyfriend and girlfriend.

Ched and Jess went their separate ways after the epidemic struck, and they remained secluded from each other. As a result, they parted ways in May of 2020. Jess broke the news of her breakup from Ched on Instagram, where she is still a popular model and online influencer.

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