7 Mistakes You Should Avoid While Writing An Essay


Learning to write an essay at the earliest can be an excellent skill to improve your educational journey as a whole. And it can help you get through many hurdles in your life as well.

However, truth be told, writing an essay from the get-go isn’t easy at all.

With a certain enriching essay writing service, you can get guidance on your academic essays. These platforms help you understand the nuances of essay writing with experts from your particular field.

While it’s true that you have to learn a few things, you’ll need to know how to avoid certain mistakes too. So, keep reading to know more about them.

Which Mistakes Should You Avoid?

Honestly, while writing, you can make more than one mistake, including – spelling errors, sentence construction, etc. Your errors can range from stylistic issues to grammatical.

Let us take a look at 7 major mistakes that you should avoid while writing an essay—

Selecting Scattered Topics

When writing an essay, you should have a clear topic in your mind. This topic needs to be to the point. Choosing broad topics can be confusing and makes you lose track.

Narrow down your topics to a particular cause or issue and answer those questions only. Generic titles tend to loosen the crux of your ideas.

Additionally, when you specify a particular intention in your topic, it can get people more interested. Take the two following sample topics to understand the function of intention in your essay topic—

  1. Environmental Degradation in the 21st Century
  2. Environmental Degradation due to Bitcoin Mining

Both the topics are based on the same issue and concern a particular time period. However, the 2nd topic is more exclusive and directed to a particular concern. This will help you come up with a more specific tone, structure and style and avoid unnecessary fluff in your essay.

Being Repetitive

Brevity is the key. Therefore, if your language looks repetitive, your essay will never be able to come to the point.

It is one of the crucial mistakes that you need to avoid while writing an essay. If your essay becomes repetitive while using language, you are more likely to lose the theme and essence of your claims. Additionally, it increases redundancy in your writing.

Here are some important tips for avoiding repetitiveness in your writing style–

  • Avoid using similar headings for your subheadings.
  • Use a thesaurus to avoid using one word more than once in an article.
  • Keep your sentences and paragraphs short.
  • Try to deliver one idea in not more than three lines.
  • Read your piece out loud at every point.
  • Avoid using long adverbs to maintain conciseness.

Writing Contradictory Statements

Another problematic issue with writing essays is contradicting your claims. It can confuse your readers and restrict them from retaining any real information from your essay.

There are many reasons why this could happen while writing an essay—

  • Lack of a clear vision- If you lack a clear vision while writing an essay, you might keep contradicting your own claims.
  • Maintaining a conversational tone- Often, when you try to create a conversational tone through your writing, you start contradicting your own points.
  • Inaccurate references- References play a vital role in essay writing. If your references don’t provide a uniform idea, it might disrupt uniformity in your essay.
  • Moving away from the topic- When you tend to divert from your topic, you maximise the chances of creating contradictions.

Informal Tones

Maintaining an informal tone while writing an essay is not the best method.

Colloquial or conversational tones can trivialize your essays, depleting them of information. It can also make your essays more generalized.

Here are some tips to avoid informal tones in your essay—

  • Avoid vague language and simple collective terms.
  • Avoid second-person narrative.
  • Replace informal words.
  • Replace phrasal verbs with one-word verbs.
  • Avoid fragmented sentences.


The thumb rule for all kinds of writing is that it needs to be plagiarism-free. Yet, it is one of the gravest mistakes committed by many writers.

You can use certain online tools to check plagiarism when you’re writing your essays digitally. However, for academic writing, it is best that you avoid this from the very beginning.

The following tips can help you avoid plagiarism while writing an essay—

  • Paraphrase your references rather than directly copying them.
  • You can also use quotes.
  • Use multiple sources to curate information.
  • Be creative and unique with your style.
  • Cite legitimate sources.

Lacking Evidence

You must conduct research before writing an essay and gather proof to support your claims. It will give your arguments a scientific foundation and demonstrate to the reader that you are knowledgeable about the subject at hand.

Depending on the topic and style of writing, different things qualify as evidence. Quantitative data can be useful when writing a research paper for your chemistry class, for instance.

In contrast, you can use data from surveys, interviews, and your own experience to support your points in an expository essay for your

English teacher. Consider the writing prompt carefully and decide what specific type of evidence your paper will require. Make certain you have enough of it to develop a compelling case.

Ambiguous Structure

Creating an outline is the first step in the process of writing a good essay.

An essay requires a specific structure in order to be effective. It should obviously be broken up into an introduction, body, and conclusion. But this only accounts for half of the success.

Each section needs its own organisation and transitions between ideas. For a compare and contrast essay outline, for instance, you could use a point-by-point or block method. Here, it’s important to keep in mind logical connections as you develop your concepts.

Think about whether you want to emphasise a point with an example or a comparison, make a conclusion or add more evidence to support it.

The structure and transitions you use depend on the message you want to get across.


Writing a good essay is a satisfying task. But to get to the end of the activity, it is important that you follow each and every step carefully.

For all academics, essays can make a huge difference in your career.

Read as much as you can and write from your knowledge and experience to get the best results.

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