About Us and Our Team

If you’re wondering what this site is about and how we got started, you’re in the right place.

This is FedRegsAdvisor. We are a news website providing authentic and the best well-researched news out there.

Our Head Office

2853 Euclid Avenue, Los Angeles, California, 90017

About the Site

The site was started by an Attorney who loves to keep up with the latest news and has an excellent general knowledge skill. No wonder he owns a news site.

His name is Steven Smith and he hails from the US and is ethnically diverse with his parents from the US and the UK.

He started FedRegsAdvisor in early 2015

The story goes back in 2015 when there were almost no people in this industry. Steven, who is the owner started this site and as he’s a consultant and a business advisor, started writing about the latest events and happening and decoded them. The site later started getting a lot of visitors organically and Steven, the owner still believes in organic growth.

That is the reason, FedRegsAdvisor.com is a 100% transparent site running with the support of it’s genuine readers. We believe in following the best and the safest practices and just putting out good content.

We value our readers the most.

FedRegsAdvisor is a full fledged resource, full of deeply researched information and the most authentic source of news about everything Law.

Most importantly, we have the extremely hardworking, amazing and experienced journalists who do their work with utmost sincerity and dedication to provide the best value to readers and never disappoint them. They are literally the best.

Sounds exciting right? Let’s meet them. Shall we?

Our Team

Steven Smith

Steven is an Attorney, News Journalist and the owner of FedRegsAdvisor.com. Steven lives in Los Angeles, CA.

Steven has worked will all the major news publications and has spent 500+ hours of his life in a newsroom.

In his free time, you’ll find him playing guitar, singing and cooking. He loves to camp. Don’t we all?

Samuel Miller

Samuel is a big time nerd. He loves talking about science, crazy theories and. He’s witty and he’s good at math. I mean come on, he’s good at MATH. How can he not be a nerd?

Jokes aside, he’s the co-founder of FedRegsAdvisor and bring in all the positive energy at our workspace.

He manages all the web operations and maintains the site and is the community manager.

#3 – Josh McLeod (Chief Editor)

Every organisation needs an extremely dedicated, hard-working person who tightens everyone up and does not let people get off the track.

This person is Josh for us. Hailing from the UK and completing his Masters from Harvard, Josh has done some serious work in the law industry.

He loves guiding people, helping them out with issues and is an anchor for us.


#4 – Liza Nyamadzavo (Journalist / Author)

Liza is that excellent gen-z nerd who brings out the most innovative ideas and helps us make our content better.

#5 – Katie Langford (Journalist / Author)

Katie hails from Manila, Philippines. For FedRegsAdvisor, she overlooks and recruits a potential young team of authors. She is also hard-core bookworm from the heart and has huge knowledge of the culture of Southeast Asia and it’s law. Since 2016, Katie has recruited talented creators for FedRegsAdvisors.

#5 – Josh Mackenzie (Quality Inspector)

Quality checks are important. Josh takes care that the news articles you are reading are the best out there. He performs quality checks on every single article so whatever you’re reading always passes through series of checks. He’s a law degree holder.

#5 – Ankur Sharma (Journalist / Author)

Hailing from India, Ankur is one of the best authors we have here. He has been writing novels and books from the age of 13 and has received a crazy amount of awards for his excellence in hindi literature. With the amount of knowledge he has of the world, we’re super glad to have him on the team. He has obtained a law degree from India’s top school of law.

Interns at FedRegsAdvisor

Love our team and work culture? I bet you do!

If you like our work culture and are considering to work for us, we are currently hiring for the position of a fact checker and an assistant to chief editor.

Please check this page Careers at FedRegsAdvisor and fill out the form there to apply. We’d love to work with you!

I hope you liked reading about our work culture and work ethics. We appreciate you reading this!