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If you’re wondering what this site is about and how we got started, you’re in the right place.

This is FedRegsAdvisor. We are a news website providing authentic and the best well-researched news out there.

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About the Site

The site was started by an Attorney who loves to keep up with the latest news and has an excellent general knowledge skill. No wonder he owns a news site.

His name is Steven Smith and he hails from the US and is ethnically diverse with his parents from the US and the UK.

He started FedRegsAdvisor in early 2015

The story goes back in 2015 when there were almost no people in this industry. Steven, who is the owner started this site and as he’s a consultant and a business advisor, started writing about the latest events and happening and decoded them. The site later started getting a lot of visitors organically and Steven, the owner still believes in organic growth.

That is the reason, FedRegsAdvisor.com is a 100% transparent site running with the support of it’s genuine readers. We believe in following the best and the safest practices and just putting out good content.

We value our readers the most.

FedRegsAdvisor is a full fledged resource, full of deeply researched information and the most authentic source of news about everything Law.

Most importantly, we have the extremely hardworking, amazing and experienced journalists who do their work with utmost sincerity and dedication to provide the best value to readers and never disappoint them. They are literally the best.

Sounds exciting right? Let’s meet them. Shall we?

Our Team

Gregory France

Gregory France


I'm a skilled freelance writer who is always willing to assist authors of science fiction and fantasy publications in getting their articles into shape. Travel, historical fiction, and memoirs are also among my favorite genres.

Yolanda Farley

Yolanda Farley


Yolanda Farley is a content editor. She is a spirited Writer and has been extensively writing stuff on multiple categories. She also has a passionate interest in music. You will see her reading books in her leisure time. Through her blogs, she hopes to influence the globe.

Norman Stutler

Norman Stutler


Norman Stutler has been a regular contributor to a variety of film-related publications. He started as a freelance content writer. He now works as a freelance film journalist for various media sources. Norman Stutler has also contributed to various radio programs and television features in the cinema industry.

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I hope you liked reading about our work culture and work ethics. We appreciate you reading this!