Black Clover Season 5 – Current Updates on Release Date, Plot, and Cast in 2022

It’s been six weeks since the show’s makers paused the action in the hit adventure anime “Black Clover”170 episodes were produced in less than four years—and it’s seemed like an eternity. Season 4’s promise of a “big announcement” is keeping fans on their toes.

black clover 5th season

The show premiered in 2017 and was based on a manga series by Yki Tabata. “Black Clover” stands out from the rest of the anime heroines in this area, as fans of the series will attest. Asta is born without magic in a world where witchcraft and sorcery are commonplace.

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The Plot of Black Clover 5th season

The anime series Black Clover is based on Yuki Tabata’s manga, which is called Black Clover. It was just recently that the show’s fourth season came to an end. You can find all the information you need about the upcoming fifth season of Black Clover, including the release date and time.

Asta, a young girl born without magical skills, is the focus of the story. Since everyone on his planet appears to have some kind of magical power, this is a mystery to him. One day, Asta hopes to be the next Wizard King with the help of his fellow Black Bulls.

With 29 volumes in print as of July 2021, it has been serialized in Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump magazine since February 2015. Asta is a young orphan who was abandoned and is now being raised in an orphanage with another orphan named Yuno.

Asta, who lacks magic, focuses on physical strength instead of Mana, which is something everyone is born with. He was born with incredible magical strength and the ability to harness wind magic, but Yuno was born with brilliance.

The two young men got into a friendly rivalry over the goal of becoming the next Wizard Monarch, the second-highest authority in the Clover Kingdom after the king. Once owned by the kingdom’s first Wizard King, Yuno receives an acclaimed four-leaf grimoire For powerful magicians, the four-leaf grimoire is the only one of its kind.

A five-leaf grimoire holding unknown weaponry from the Elven race and an anti-magic demon was given to Asta despite his lack of magic. A Magic Knight squad is the next step for him and Yuno to take to achieve their goals.

Cast and Character of Black Clover 5th Season

Voice actors  Gakuto Kajiwara and  Nobunaga Shimazaki have accurately portrayed our heroes Asta and Yuno throughout “Black Clover,” so we can assume they’ll stick around for the film and the next fifth season.

Because her deep feelings for Asta have not been fully articulated, Noelle Silva (Kana Yki) is likely to return as a potential love interest for Asta. The two actors who play Asta’s awkward pal Leibe, Kenichiro Matsuda, and Nobuhiko Okamoto, will likely get more screen time in the future, even if we can’t give anything away to people who haven’t seen the show yet.

There is a slew of characters from “Black Clover” who will be recognized by anyone who has read the story or the extensive manga that inspired it. There are almost infinite possibilities for who and how these characters will be cast when they are paired with their online story arcs.

Studio Pierro is behind the show’s production.  Tatsuya Yoshihara was replaced as director by Ayataka Tannemura in the fourth series. The script for Kazuyuki Fudeyasu was written by Kanichi Kanou.

Season 5 of “Black Clover” and the film that precedes it will have plenty of storylines to choose from, thanks to the vast manga series that backs it up. There is still an opportunity for evolution or divergence in the anime because Yuki Tabata’s manga original tale is still being written.

According to The Cinemaholic, the discovery of Asta’s biological mother has a lot more opportunities for exploration. Another mystery from Season 4 is that Asta and Yumi’s allies are still being held hostage and the heroes are on the precipice of war with The Spade Kingdom, which is still a mystery.

black clover 5th season

Republic World also reminds out that the biggest conflict in the future could be a conflict between the living world and the demons, which seemed inevitable when Asta opened the barrier at the end of season 4.

One thing is for sure: the heroes’ journey to becoming the Wizard King will surely go on. A variety of magical means must be employed in the meanwhile to protect the Clover Kingdom.

Asta, our main character, is always cheerful and enthusiastic. The people around him find him annoying because he constantly shouts to express his ideas and goals, often to the chagrin of those around him and often in direct opposition to the views of those others.

During the Magic Knights admission test, he expressed his ambition to become a Magic Emperor and pleaded with those mocking him to keep quiet. His fight against Heath Grice shows that Asta also has a strong sense of justice because he believes that everyone needs protection.

black clover season 5

Generally speaking, Asta is a cheerful and enthusiastic person. The people around him find him annoying because he constantly shouts to express his ideas and goals, often to the chagrin of those around him and often in direct opposition to the views of those others.

In one of the earliest examples of this, during the Magic Knights entrance test, he stated his desire to become a Magic Emperor and advised those who criticized him to be silent. This can be shown in Asta’s fight against Heath Grice, as Asta believes that everyone has a right to be protected.

Asta’s safety is so important to Yuno that he will stop at nothing to protect Asta from anyone. To make Asta look good in the eyes of others, even if it means using his most powerful magic to strike Asta, even if he knows Asta will block it. Yuno is also known for his outspokenness and refusal to keep his thoughts to himself.

Asta has higher physical strength than Yuno, but Yuno is more powerful in Magic. In contrast, Asta’s Anti-Magic ability complicates things. Using Anti-Magic, Asta will be able to defeat Yuno.

Release Date of Black Clover 5th Season

When Black Clover premiered on October 3rd, 2017, it quickly became popular. 16 episodes of the show’s fourth season have been aired as of December 8, 2020. On March 30, 2021, the program came to an end. It was revealed in February of 2021 that the season finale will air on March 30th of that year, and it did just that.

black clover 5th season

Episode 171 of Black Clover has yet to be revealed in terms of release date and time. We can, however, speculate that the fifth season of Black Clover will appear in mid-2022 or later. The show premiered on television in 2017.


There is not an official trailer for season 5. However, if you are new to this anime, you can watch the one from 2017 below.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Will There Be a Black Clover Season 5?

If you’re looking for details on ‘Black Clover’ season 5, we have got your back! ‘Black Clover’ season 4 premiered on December 8, 2020, and aired 16 episodes before concluding on March 30, 2021. Studio Pierrot produced the series.

Will Asta Find His Mother in Black Clover Season 5?

The season of Black Clover ended on March 30, 2021. There have been rumors that Asta will discover about his mother in the Black Clover season 5 release date. Black Clover is a fantasy anime series based on Yki Tabata‘s manga series, which he wrote and drew. The show’s fourth season just finished airing.


As fans of “Black Clover” know, the characters of our favorite anime are often given magical powers or remarkable talents. A world of witchcraft and wizardry, where the supernatural is accepted as a part of everyday life, is Asta’s home.

It takes him and his wind wizard childhood friend Yuno on a long journey through the show’s magical world to become the Wizard King. Crunchyroll’s selection of the top 100 best anime of the decade was bolstered by this powerful story of an underdog overcoming adversity.

Despite praise like this, there has been no official announcement of a fifth season. On the other hand, a lot more “Black Clover” content is coming, although in a somewhat different form. Here’s what we know so far.

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