Charmed Season 9: When The New Season Will Release?

Charmed Season 9: When The New Season Will Release?

The series “Charmed” cast a spell over the audience in the 2000s. We’ll tell you whether the magical sisters can be seen in season 9.

“Charmed,” tells the story of the dissimilar sisters Phoebe ( Alyssa Milano ), Prue ( Shannen Doherty ), Page ( Rose McGowan ), and Piper ( Holly Marie Combs ). They discover their magical powers after the death of their grandmother. But they are not just any witches; they are the most powerful witches of all time. Together they can destroy high-ranking demons and other nasty creatures. They try to continue to lead an everyday life, which is not always easy. We’ll tell you here whether the sisters will continue in “Charmed” season 9.

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“Charmed” Season 9: No Season Planned

The cult series “Charmed” ended after eight seasons in which the mighty witches experience all kinds of adventures. Since then, at least the TV landscape has been silent about the enchanting sisters. Fans can look forward to sequels of the series in comic form even without season 9. The comic starts about one to two years after the end of season eight. After the enchanting sisters were able to destroy primordial evil, they returned to their long-awaited quiet life. But the calm comes to an abrupt end when the first innocent man saved by the sisters is killed. By doing this, an ancient and very evil power is awakened that worries the sisters. 

“Charmed” Reboot Instead Of Season 9

The country needs new witches. The makers of the “Charmed” reboot, which appeared for the first time in 2018, though. Here the sisters Mel ( Melonie Diaz ) and Maggie (Sarah Jeffery), as well as Macy (Madeleine Mantock), fight against the dark forces and uncover old family secrets. The reboot differs from the original in that Latinas were cast as the main actresses in the series. In addition, the series has an increasingly feminist claim.

The American series comprises 178 episodes in eight seasons. From 1998 to 2006, the audience could watch how the three sisters encountered numerous supernatural threats and gained more and more new magical powers. The series was later expanded to include seasons 9 and 10 as a comic.

The cult series features a great cast and eight seasons of magical adventures. Unfortunately, “Charmed” is currently not available on Netflix or any other streaming provider. 


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