Dash & Lily Season 2 Is Cancelled! Netflix Yet To Make Official Announcement

Dash & Lily Season 2 Is Cancelled! Netflix Yet To Make Official Announcement

Another Netflix series is canceled. This time it hits “Dash & Lily,” and the terrifying thing is that Netflix made no official announcement.

Netflix keeps providing its members with fresh content. Even if everything that the streaming service produces is not outstanding, there is something for every taste. Nevertheless, some Netflix series can be canceled very quickly, to the displeasure of some fans. It has hit the Netflix series “Dash & Lily,” which ended after just one season.

The bizarre thing is that Netflix did not announce the news itself, but “Free Guy” director Shawn Levy made the bad news known. The filmmaker recently gave an interview on Collider about his Disney film. Levy is also known for producing various Netflix series with his company 21 Laps. These include series such as “Stranger Things,” “I Am Not Okay with This,” and “Dash & Lily.” When the interview was about the surprising ending of “I Am Not Okay with This,” the producer also commented briefly on “Dash & Lily”:

“So this is one of those series like ‘Dash & Lily’ that just won a bunch of Daytime Emmys, where the team at 21 Laps and we feel like we did the promised series. We did the show we wanted. Not enough people were watching, and it’s a cruel metric in the age of streaming wars. “

“Dash & Lily” Was Well Received By The Audience

Even if Netflix has not yet made an official announcement, according to producer Shawn Levy, the series has been canceled, although the series was well received. If you look at the rating on the film database page IMDb, the Netflix series received a solid 7.5 points out of a total of 10. The Netflix show was well-received, and the much worse series received various seasons. A second season looked pretty happening, but now all the expectations have ended.

With “Dash & Lily,” the surprising ending is particularly annoying since the first season of the series is based on a novel, and there are a total of two other tapes. Fans of romantic comedy are sure to be disappointed, but Netflix also has to act economically. As soon as a series does not meet the commercial criteria, it must be discontinued. One can only hope that Netflix will make the announcement itself for the next canceled series. 


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