Mistresses Season 5? Everything Known So Far About The New Season

Mistresses Season 5? Everything Known So Far About The New Season

In “Mistresses,” the friendship of the four best friends Savannah, Josslyn, Karen, and April, threatens to break up. Will there be season 5 of the series?

The American series “Mistresses” tells the story of four successful businesswomen from Los Angeles. The ABC production draws the audience under its spell primarily through its exciting topics: affairs, family scandals, and realizing that these can endanger private life and career. These are ideal conditions for an unlimited number of seasons. We’ll tell you if “Mistresses” Season 5 is a possibility.

“Mistresses”: The Plot

To the outside world, Savannah “Savi” Davis ( Alyssa Milano) and her husband Harry (Brett Tucker) make the perfect American couple. She fights her everyday life as a successful lawyer in a respected law firm, while he pursues a career as the owner and chef of the restaurant “Savi’s Kitchen.” But appearances are deceptive. Although they dearly want a child together, Savannah does not get pregnant. The frustration of the otherwise happy couple is growing steadily. Due to the constant arguments, the two finally lose touch with each other. But as if that wasn’t enough, Savi suddenly becomes aware of her colleague Dominic Taylor (Jason George). The attempts to escape the sexually charged chemistry in the office fail, and she begins a hot affair with Dominic, which will have serious consequences.

In all of the drama, Savannah’s relationship with Harry is paramount. However, her half-sister Josslyn “Joss” Carver (Jes Macallan) and Savi’s close allies Karen Kim ( Yunjin Kim) also play) and April Malloy (Rochelle Aytes) played an important role. Not only do they give their downcast friends comfort, but they also have to deal with their setbacks in matters of love, health, and work. Josslyn, the youngest of the group, earns her living as a real estate agent and turns out to be a real party girl with a relationship phobia after work. Karen is a psychotherapist in a community therapy practice. On the other hand, the creative April is a newly widowed mother of a ten-year-old daughter who is about to open a shop selling home textiles. Each of the four women has at least one dark secret.

“Mistresses” Season 5: That’s Why She Will Never Appear

The remake of the original British series of the same name was broadcast on ABC on June 3, 2013. A total of four seasons of the provocative series appeared, which put taboo topics such as adultery, fertility problems, or even euthanasia up for discussion. 

When filming moved from LA to Vancouver, Canada, Alyssa Milano left the cast after the second season to save production costs. She confessed to OK magazine that she wanted to spend more time with her children. The producer and screenwriter KJ Steinberg realized that the number of viewers decreased significantly with the absence of the series favorite. It was foreseeable that the fourth season would be the last. When actress Yunjin Kim decided to devote herself to other projects, “Mistresses” came to an abrupt end with the serial death of her character. A bitter disappointment for all fans who had often taken the emancipated main characters as models.


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