Once Upon A Time: Is Season 8 Coming Anytime Soon?

Once Upon A Time: Is Season 8 Coming Anytime Soon?

In seven seasons, the series “Once Upon a Time” has brought fairy tales into the present. What are the odds for a season 8 of the fantasy series?

“Once Upon a Time” is a mixture of fairy tales, modern fantasy, and drama series. This very special mix was first premiered in 2011 on the American TV channel ABC. The action always takes place in two locations. The world of fairy tale characters and the real world in a small town in Maine, America. Emma Swan, played by Jennifer Morrison (“Dr. House”), lives in a town called Storybrooke with her son Henry ( Jared Gilmore, “Mad Men”). The two seem to lead a completely normal life until Henry discovers that people living in his hometown have come straight from the world of fairy tales. We tell you how it is about season 8 of “Once Upon a Time.”

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“Once Upon a Time”: Fairy Tales In A New Guise

Giving fairy tales a new coat of paint is now almost commonplace in Hollywood. Be it with films like “Snow White & the Huntsman.” But especially in the cosmos series, “Once Upon a Time” was a real novelty. Series creators Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz are real TV professionals, as they wrote for “Lost” and “Tron: Legacy.” In addition, “Once Upon a Time” also produced a spin-off series: “Once Upon a Time In Wonderland.” Alice, the famous main character from Lewis Carroll’s “Alice in Wonderland,” was allowed to experience everyday adventures in a total of 13 episodes.

“Once Upon a Time” Season 8: Will It Go On?

For a long time, “Once Upon a Time” was the quota driver and guarantee of success for home broadcaster ABC. But recently, the odds have weakened somewhat. The sixth season ended with the big fight between main heroine Emma Swan and the black fairy. Even before the series was officially renewed for a seventh season, leading actress Jennifer Morrison announced leaving the series. Fan favorites Ginnifer Goodwin (“Walk the Line”) and Josh Dallas (“Thor”), who play Snow White and Prince Charming on the series, also left the show.

The seventh season of “Once Upon a Time” with 22 episodes can be described as a “soft reboot,” a new edition of the series. Because the seventh season leaps in time and now plays in Seattle instead of Storybrooke. The plot follows Henry, who is now an adult, and his family. The fans did not well-receive this reboot because the audience ratings fell inexorably. “Once Upon a Time” ended with the seventh season in May 2018, and it is very unlikely that the series will get another season eight.

For series fans who want to return to the world of Storybrooke, however, there is good news. All seven seasons have been available on Disney + since 2020. 


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