Malcolm in the Middle: Is Season 8 Coming Anytime Soon?

Malcolm in the Middle: Is Season 8 Coming Anytime Soon?

Until 2006 we were part of the life of the gifted Malcolm and his family. You can find out whether season 8 of “Malcolm in the Middle” is planned here.

An absolute highlight of the 2000s was not only the “American Pie” films but also the sitcom “Malcolm in the Middle”. Both productions had an excellent soundtrack and a great sense of humor. Malcolm ( Frankie Muniz ) struggled from 2000 to 2006 with both his giftedness and his crazy family. As a narrator, he guides you through his everyday life. Strict mother Lois ( Jane Kaczmarek, “ChiPs” ) and tense father Hal ( Bryan Cranston, “Breaking Bad” ) don’t make his time at home any easier, any more than his brothers Dewey (Erik Per Sullivan), Reese (Justin Berfield ) and Francis (Christopher Masterson).

Are makers planning a season 8 or even a mini-series or reunion show like “Gilmore Girls” or “Friends” for “Malcolm in the Middle”? There would be enough to tell.

“Malcolm in the Middle” Season 8: Bad Cards for Malcolm

Bad ratings and a mediocre motivated production team ultimately led to the series being withdrawn after season 7. Director, producer and writer Linwood Boomer said goodbye after the sixth season, and also producer Michael Glouberman announced to leave the series after season 7. In addition, Frankie Muniz had been quarreling with himself for a long time and did not want to continue. So fate was sealed. The cast had reunited for a zoom call in August 2020, but that was the highest of emotions.

“Malcolm in the Middle” Season 8: It Went On For The Cast

Bryan Cranston, who received several awards as a mafia-teacher in “Breaking Bad” is therefore still active in the film business today, can certainly record the greatest success for himself. Jane Kaczmarek was also able to land a few more roles – including a guest appearance on the sitcom “The Middle”, which has a similar story to “Malcolm in the Middle”. She was last seen in “This Is Us” in 2019. Her on-screen sons are mostly no longer active as actors except for Frankie Muniz, who repeatedly had smaller roles. His health suffered from several strokes and can hardly remember his time with “Malcolm Mittendrin”.

Malcolm in the Middle: Alternatives

While a new season for “Malcolm in the Middle” seems to not happening soon, the streaming service has some alternative sitcoms that you might also like:

  • “Modern Family”: a mockumentary-style family sitcom about the life of the Pritchett family.
  • “Workin ‘Moms”: As maternity leave draws to a close, it is time for four mothers from Toronto to get family, love, and work-life under one roof.


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