Run Season 2: Is The Show Returning On HBO?

Run Season 2: Is The Show Returning On HBO?

A youth pact brings two people back together as adults. We’ll tell you here whether the agreement in “Run” Season 2 will be kept.

Ruby ( Merritt Weaver ) leads an unspectacular life with no real ups and downs. But that changes when she receives a text message from her childhood friend Billy ( Domhnall Gleeson ). “Run” is the short and crisp message that the two came up with as adolescents, should one of them get stuck in a dead-end. Ruby travels to her old love in New York and goes into hiding with her. You can find out here whether the romantic game of hide-and-seek will continue in “Run” Season 2.

“Run” Season 2: A Romantic Road Trip

In its seven episodes, “Run” balances charmingly on the boundary between thriller and romantic comedy. The attractive mix of crime thriller elements and love story owes its charm above all to the talented cast. Produced by “Fleabag” maker Phoebe Waller-Bridge, Weaver and Gleeson get closer in sarcastic dialogues, revive the mutual attraction and show comprehensively that old love really doesn’t rust. The fast-paced thriller love story is peppered with Hitchcock references and surprising plot twists. But is this directorial skill enough to be able to produce ‘Run Season 2’?

“Run” Season 2: What About A Sequel?

“Run” received favorable reviews in the media, as evidenced by the Rotten Tomatoes cut of 81%. Especially the interaction between Gleeson and Weaver seems to have convinced the film rating guild. With just seven half-hour episodes, it may look as if the romantic cat-and-mouse game was just a mini-series, but showrunner Vicky Jones revealed in an interview with Deadline that she actually had ideas for “Run” season 2 had. As Deadline reports, HBO has not commissioned a second season.

“Run” Season 2: Alternatives That You Can Watch

Anyone who has been waiting longingly for “Run” season 2 does not have to be disappointed. Because there are still some series formats that playfully master the tightrope walk between crime thriller and love story:

“Castle”: crime writer Richard Castle ( Nathan Fillion ) works with the police when two murders are carried out based on his novels. With Kate Beckett ( Stana Katic ) he is now on the search for perpetrators – and immediately casts an eye on his colleague.

“Bones”: Dr. Temperance Brennan ( Emily Deschanel ) works as an anthropologist in Washington, but has deficits in social interaction. Together with investigator Seeley Booth ( David Boreanaz ), she investigates old cases. But over time, the two have more in common than just work.

“Lucifer”: Lucifer Morningstar ( Tom Ellis ) is the devil incarnate, but is so tired of his kingdom that he goes to Los Angeles to open a nightclub. He also works with the police on the side. Between criminal cases and the supernatural, the series is also dedicated to love.


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