Riverdale Season 5: Vanessa Morgan Returns With Baby?

Riverdale Season 5: Vanessa Morgan Returns With Baby?

When Vanessa Morgan, who “Riverdale” fans know and love as Toni Topaz, became pregnant, many asked the creators ‘What are you going to do next?’ The showrunners reacted quickly and wrote her pregnancy in the series. The “Riverdale” set looked completely different from the day her son was born. After all, you had to be prepared because a tiny person was now also part of the crew. 

When Morgan went on maternity leave, Toni Topaz also disappeared from the show for the time being. But now Morgan and with it, her character is supposed to celebrate their “Riverdale” comeback. Does that mean her son will now also have a role on the Netflix series?

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Toni Topaz Returns

Toni Topaz is back in the soon to be released second part of the fifth “Riverdale” season! Showrunner Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa spoke in an interview with Decider about her upcoming comeback: “I spoke to Vanessa and asked her: ‘When you come back, how much do you want to be part of the show again?’ and she said, ‘I’m so involved!'” 

Aguirre-Sacasa promised we would see Toni Topaz as the badass she has always been; her motherhood shouldn’t change.

 “We will see Toni as a mother, we will see her as the leader of the Serpents, we will see her as Bad-Ass-Toni, and we will see her fighting side by side with Archie for the city.”

“Wow! That sounds more than promising! Toni and Cheryl are even planning a comeback. The two will have to do with each other again, but in a way where they both complement each other.” Sounds exciting and gives fans high hopes for a love comeback (even if it looked different in the trailer)!

Will Morgan’s Baby Be There Too?

For a long time, many fans have wondered, will Vanessa Morgan’s son now also get a role in the series? After all, she and her series character got pregnant at the same time. But the showrunner has a clear stance: 

“It won’t be Vanessa’s, real baby. In some scenes, we have a real, living baby, and in others, it will be a lifelike doll.”

Morgan shares pictures of her child on Instagram but respects her son’s privacy. The face can never be seen like this! So we can understand why she doesn’t want her child to be part of the show. We are looking forward to Mama Toni and are curious to see how her story will continue!


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