Love Victor: Is Season 3 Happening? What Is Known So Far?

Love Victor: Is Season 3 Happening? What Is Known So Far?

Love Victor will have a season 3. Therefore, we will be able to find out what was the choice of the protagonist in the season finale of the second season. We try to gather all the information about the Hulu series.

Is The Show Officially Renewed?

With season 2, Hulu has chosen to release all the episodes in bulk, unlike what happened with the first season. Over the course of the season, we witness all the characters’ paths, as the trailer already anticipated. But what could happen to them in Love Victor 3? 

We learned that a third chapter had been officially confirmed and some details on what will happen. The following is, therefore, SPOILER. Be careful.

In Love Victor 3, we will see the evolution of a new chapter for the protagonists, who, in the course of the second season, have experienced several changes. We will understand if the new relationships will last if the old ones continue more stable than before. Furthermore, Mia’s mother’s entrance onto the scene should not be overlooked. Finally, we do not know if any new cameo related to Tuo Simon will be included, now that Victor seems to be much more confident.

When Does The Love Victor 3 Season Release On Hulu?

To date, we do not know when Love Victor 3 season will be released on Hulu, despite the news of the renewal. Since we have received confirmation of a new chapter in a very short time, there may be plenty of time to see the new episodes in June 2022. No doubt it would be next year. We’ll see what happens.

Is Michael Cimino Returning?

We don’t think we go too far in saying that in the cast of season 3, we will find all the main actors and characters of Love Victor. Michael Cimino will bring back the protagonist Victor Salazar. 

Apart from him, it is likely that we will see these characters again:

  • Ana Ortiz as Isabel, Victor’s mother
  • James Martinez as Armando, Victor’s father
  • Isabella Ferreira as Pilar, Victor’s younger sister
  • Mateo Fernandez as Adrian, Victor’s little brother
  • Rachel Naomi Hilson asVictor’s friend Mia
  • Babe Wood as Lake
  • George Sear as Benji
  • Anthony Turpel as Felix
  • Mason Gooding as Andrew
  • Sophia Bush as Veronica

It has also been reported that Anthony Keyvan who portrayed the character of Rahim in Season 2 has been promoted as a series regular in the third show. 


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