Grey’s Anatomy Season 18: Fan Favorite Character Is Returning! Who’s SHE?

Grey’s Anatomy Season 18: Fan Favorite Character Is Returning! Who’s SHE?

A rumour has been panicking on the internet, which will please the fans of Grey’s Anatomy. It seems that a former iconic character from the show is about to make a comeback in season 18.

Grey’s Anatomy Voted Best Medical Series

Grey’s Anatomy has been delighting fans on the small screen for more than 15 years now. Shonda Rhimes’ series never ceases to amaze viewers between medical dramas and love stories for a good reason. In 17 seasons, the latter has witnessed countless well-crafted intrigues. The least we can say is that the production of ABC is at the top.

Moreover, last November, it was even voted the best series. Thanks to this prize, the show won its 18th award. As a reminder, the heroine of the series debuted in the medical world at the beginning of the series.

As the show progressed, fans were able to witness the evolution of love stories. But do the lovebirds end up starting a family? The universe of Grey’s Anatomy quickly broke the hearts of viewers. The reason? Derek Shepherd died in a car accident during season 11. As the young man died, the star of the show learned that she was pregnant.

The poor little girl will never know her father, but she will still bear the name of a leading character. Cristina Yang’s best friend has indeed chosen to name her child Ellis. 

Ellis Gray Returns To Grey’s Anatomy Season 18

In season 17 of Grey’s Anatomy, many iconic characters had the opportunity to make their comeback. Derek, George, Mark or even Lexie. 

So many members of Seattle Grace had visited Meredith during her illness. But as the next adventures of the hospital staff quickly approach, it looks like another actress is set to return. Indeed, according to the information posted by Deadline, Ellis Gray will be present in Season 18. Good news for the fans.

Meredith’s mom had contracted Alzheimer’s disease at the start of the show. It is, therefore, through visions that the young woman should contact her mother.

Moreover, this is not the first time that Kate Burton returns to Grey’s Anatomy. The matriarch had indeed made an appearance in the episode Flowers Grow Out of My Grave. But that’s not all. In 2019, she also made her big comeback within Filiation. In any case, one sure thing is that the fans can’t wait to see the new season.


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