Lucifer Season 6: Os Bob The Drag Queen In New Season?

Lucifer Season 6: Os Bob The Drag Queen In New Season?

In the Lucifer season 6 trailer released by Netflix, fans noticed a short clip of star Bob the Drag Queen! In just a few months, Netflix will unveil season 6 and the last of Lucifer. The least we can say is that the fans are looking forward to it. Some wonder if Bob the Drag Queen will land in the sequel.

The Highly Anticipated Lucifer Season

A few days ago, Netflix and the actors of Lucifer unveiled the trailer for season 6. Explosive, the latter has reserved great surprises for fans. The characters will have to face new threats.

Some Lucifer fans believe they have spotted a face that seems familiar to them. In the following, Lucifer will take the place of God. He will follow in his father’s footsteps and will have to manage the gates of Heaven.

This new mission will not be easy. Especially since a young woman will try to steal his place. This is Rory. This is not the only concern he will encounter. Chloe Decker will not hesitate to attack him. For now, fans don’t know more about the series. But they know that a new musical episode is going to come out. Some are also convinced to have recognized an incredible personality.

This is Bob the Drag Queen. In the comments, a Lucifer fan asked, “Is that Bob the Drag Queen at 1:34?” I can’t wait for this last season !”. But that’s not all. Another asked the same question.

He said, “Did I see Bob The Drag Queen ?”. And the answer may well be yes. According to several rumours, two Drag stars should continue the series for this final season.

Bob The Drag Queen In Season 6

It was last July that the arrival of Bob the Drag Queen was announced in Lucifer. Katya should also make her arrival. The two are also known to have played in the RuPaul’s Drag Race series of competitions.

On Reddit, several Lucifer fans have also burst their joy. They also seemed very happy to see Bob the Drag Queen arrive in season 6. They can’t wait to see him in this new role alongside Tom Ellis.

Fans revealed on the Reddit platform: “Bob is so pretty! Pastel suits him very well. But also, “Haha, Bob is so cute, I usually don’t see that figure on her”.

Another also added: “If they think I’m going to watch this season even though I’ve never watched it, just for Katya and Bob… they’re right.” On Twitter, other Internet users took the floor. For his part, Tom Ellis also shared a photo with the Drag star. One thing is sure, and the sequel is eagerly awaited. Fans are looking forward to the broadcast on September 10. Case to follow!


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