Stranger Things Season 4: Joe Keery Spills Spoilers For Friends!

Stranger Things Season 4: Joe Keery Spills Spoilers For Friends!

“Stranger Things” star Joe Keery is quite open with his friends. They can look forward to spoilers.

While most fans around the world are wondering when season 4 of “Stranger Things” will finally come because they want to know what happens next. We’ve had a few Stranger Things cast talking about the show’s end, but Joe Keery, who plays Steve on the Netflix series, definitely blew the hell out.

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Keery Spoils “Stranger Things” Season 4

We can currently admire Keery in the film “Free Guy,” for which he is now on a promo tour and doing some interviews. In a recent conversation with Digital Spy, the actor admitted that he has already revealed some details from “Stranger Things” Season 4 to people he knows and trusts well! “I’ve talked to certain people in my life about how things are going [on the show] . People I trust and who I know won’t give away anything and get me into trouble,” says the actor. 

Wow, Keery and you should be friends, then you wouldn’t be so curious about what will happen next in the Netflix series. On the other hand: do you want to spoil the surprise? Hard decision. We can only hope that his close circle will hold on; otherwise, he will have a big problem!

The End Is Set

Aside from Keery’s circle of confidants and the people who work on Stranger Things, there aren’t many people who know what’s to come. A much smaller group of people, however, even knows how the series will end. The actors have already confirmed more than once that the writing duo, the Duffer brothers, know exactly what “Stranger Things” is going to be about. However, whether the end will come with season 5 or whether the fans can look forward to the sixth season is unknown. First things first, we must be patient until 2022, until we can even experience the fourth season.

Stranger Things Season 4: Will It Be The Last?

Stranger Things will probably arrive with its fourth season in July 2022, but there are rumors that it might also be the final season. Previously, photos of a funeral from the sets of Stranger Things Season 4 went viral on social networks, and fans think this might be one of the final scenes of the fourth season, leading to the end of the show. Though the makers have opened possibilities for a fifth season, nothing concrete can be said now.


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