Ozark Season 4: What Will Happen Next? Details Inside

Ozark Season 4: What Will Happen Next? Details Inside

Netflix ‚Äč‚Äčofficially renewed “Ozark” for a fourth season and with even more episodes. But then it’s over.

The story of financial advisor Marty Byrde ( Jason Bateman ), who secretly works for a huge Mexican drug cartel, is entering its final round on Netflix. The streaming service itself announced that season 4 of “Ozark” is coming.

For a change, this one receives 14 episodes instead of ten. But there is also a reason for this. After season 4, “Ozark” is over. So that fans can enjoy the final, it will appear in two parts. When the first seven episodes appear and how much time has to pass until the last seven episodes, Netflix has not yet revealed.

Showrunner Chris Mundy has already commented on the extended ending (via Entertainment Weekly):

“We’re so happy that Netflix recognized the importance of giving ‘Ozark’ more time to properly end the Byrdes saga. It’s been a great adventure for all of us – both on and off screens – so we’re thrilled to have the chance to complete it in the best possible way. “

Jason Bateman, leading actor, director, and producer all in one, was similarly impressed with the last season:

“A huge season means huge problems for the Byrdes. I’m looking forward to ending it with a bang (or several). “

In April 2019, Chris Mundy said (via Hollywood Reporter ) that they had always planned “Ozark” with five seasons. The extended fourth season is probably a compromise to bring the story to a fitting end.

What’s Next In Season 4 Of “Ozark”? 

Season 3 of the Netflix series ended with a bang, Marty and Wendy won the power duel with Helen, to their surprise. On Navarro’s orders, Nelson, the hitman, shot Helen after the force arrived in Mexico. Contrary to his promise, Nelson did not give notice when the call came for Helen.

With this, the Byrds have eliminated their competitor and solved the biggest problem under their noses. Still, it shouldn’t get any easier for them in season 4. Navarro has decided in favor of the Byrds, but they now have to deliver stronger than before. Because even if Helen wanted to sell the two of them at the end of the season, she was an important ally at the beginning that Navarro understood.

The Byrds now have to deal with the unpredictable drug lord without any help, which guarantees some trouble. After all, the war with the other cartel is not won. Wendy’s plan may come true after all, and they have to take care of Navarro’s children in season 4, as it is safer for them in the United States.

The Byrds should have enough to do with their children, especially Jonah. He was angry enough about the death of his uncle Ben. Helen also pushed him towards the truth in the season finale: Wendy handed her brother over and was responsible for his death. Jonah shouldn’t just forgive his mother for this. It was not without reason that he ended up destroying the family home.

Thanks to Ben, Helen’s daughter knows what’s going on. If her mother no longer shows up, she could easily add one and one together. This would pose a threat to the Byrds and could become a walking target itself.


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