American Gods Season 4: Will Amazon Save The Show?

American Gods Season 4: Will Amazon Save The Show?

“American Gods” follows the book of the same name by Neil Gaiman. A fourth season was already certain. But now it’s still three seasons.

In the summer of this year, it became clear that the fourth season of “American Gods” had been prepared for a long time, if the coronavirus pandemic didn’t come in between, it would probably have already been shot. Unfortunately, it didn’t come to that, and after a sharp drop in the number of viewers in the third season, the show was cancelled.

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“American Gods”: The Fourth Season Is Cancelled

It was an ambitious work that took a lot of time, and actually, it was never mentioned that there could be no other season. But Starz has pulled the ripcord and ended the series after the third season. The reason is the significantly reduced interest in the new episodes.

Will The Series Be Saved By Amazon, Or Is The Show Coming To An End?

The thing would, of course, be nicer to tell when it was finished. Even if the fans have decreased from season to season, the remaining viewers still want to see an actual conclusion. Maybe Starz will produce another season that tells the story to the end? But that is unlikely because it does not promise any significant commercial success.

Neil Gaiman is now under contract with Prime Video holds worldwide rights to “American Gods.” If the streaming hits are more convincing than the TV broadcasting odds, Amazon may take heart and help the series to have a fourth season. We’ll wait and see.

For Neil Gaiman fans: New project on Netflix

With its fantastic basic idea, impressive appearance, and somewhat explicit representation of sex and violence, the series “American Gods” has been causing a sensation on Amazon Prime since May 2016. The fantasy series “American Gods,” which tells of the old and new gods in modern America, is based on the book of the same name by Neil Gaiman.

Everyone who loves not only “American Gods” but also Neil Gaiman’s books and comics can look forward to a new Netflix project: a live-action series for “The Sandman.” One can be curious because Gaiman’s stories are tightly woven, full of mythology and strong characters, and indeed not easy to film. It is not sure whether this series will last longer than one season, given the sometimes harsh cancellation policy of Netflix. But that shouldn’t diminish the anticipation at this point.


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