The 100: Spin-Off “Anaconda” – Everything A Fan Must Know

The 100: Spin-Off “Anaconda” - Everything A Fan Must Know

During the broadcast of the seventh and final season, “The 100”, The CW also showed the pilot of the planned spin-off. 

Jason Rothenberg is the showrunner and creative head behind the science fiction series “The 100” and he already spread rumours about a possible spin-off in 2019, as TV Guide reported. Now the plans are more concrete.

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“The 100” spin-off: What Is “Anaconda” About?

According to TVLine, the title of the planned new series will be “Anaconda.” It is set 97 years before the events of “The 100”. It’s about the survivors of the nuclear catastrophe who stayed on earth and tried to build a new society for themselves. We later get to know this community under the name “Grounder” in “The 100”.

Rothenberg is writing the script and is on board as executive producer and Gina Girolamo and Leslie Morgenstein. He may also take over the showrunner position again, should the series be commissioned. However, this is still going on.

“Anaconda”: Plot

We write the end of the world in the year 2052. The events are described from the perspective of the Cadogan family. Nuclear missiles wiped out almost the entire population, and only a few have survived in bunkers; the surface is uninhabitable. One thousand one hundred four people could save themselves in one of the bunkers; it belongs to Bill Cadogan (John Pyper-Ferguson). He is also the head of the cultic community of the Second Dawn. His ex-wife Grace (Crystal Balint) and children Callie (Iola Evans) and Reese (Adain Bradley) are also in his bunker. The family is quick to disagree, and different fronts are formed to shape the future.

Becca Franco (Erica Cerra), a scientist from the Polaris space station, comes to Earth two years after the nuclear disaster with a serum. In doing so, it can make the remaining human race immune to atomic radiation. It also has an artificial intelligence called ALIE 2.0, which should be no stranger to “The 100” fans. Before the disaster, Bill’s daughter Callie was organized in an environmental group called Tree Crew, close to the well-known grounder clan Trikru. In any case, Callie plays a unique role because she takes over the AI ​​and becomes the first keeper of the flame.

When Does “Anaconda” Release?

The CW decided to show the pilot for the new series as part of the seventh season, “The 100”. This so-called backdoor pilot was supposed to help the broadcaster decide whether to commission a complete first season. So far, despite numerous fan letters and a petition, they have not yet made a decision. 

However, it would also be possible that Netflix, Amazon, or HBO would bring themselves into play for the series in the event of a rejection. It would be possible for The CW to present the official announcement soon. 


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