The Grand Tour Season 5: Is It Happening?

The Grand Tour Season 5: Is It Happening?

In the meantime, four seasons, “The Grand Tour” has been thrilling the automobile fan base since 2016 on Amazon Prime. Is there now hope for a sequel?

When the engines roar, the hearts of many automobile enthusiasts beat faster, also in the team around Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May. Clarkson, Hammond, and the producer Wilman became known through their BBC program “Top Gear,” which was discontinued in 2015 after clashes between Clarkson and the BBC. They were then able to negotiate a contract with the streaming service Amazon Prime for an initial three seasons of “The Grand Tour.” The first aired in September 2016. The fourth season started on December 13, 2019, on Amazon. But will it continue with the fifth season?

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“The Grand Tour” Goes Into The Next Round

Yes, all fans can look forward to more episodes. In a conversation with producer Andy Wilman on his YouTube channel “Drive Tribe,” Jeremy Clarkson promised that more parts would follow. However, the work was delayed by Andy Wilman’s COVID-19 illness.

As Jeremy Clarkson further explained, another special for the fourth season was filmed in Madagascar at the end of 2019. Given the focus of season 4 on Asia, one can assume that the fifth season will take viewers to other parts of the world. The question remains of how far the COVID-19 pandemic will hold up filming. “Even without another pandemic, it takes a long time to produce an episode,” said Andy Wilman in an interview.

“The Grand Tour” Episodes Even Without The Creators?

As producer Wilman explained in the British tabloid “Daily Star,” there could also be episodes without Clarkson, Hammond, and May in the future. “I would like to do some spin-offs with guest,” he says. One of them could be Brian Johnson from AC/DC, who is a big car fanatic. The audience would not have to do without the usual trio. “You are the show!” Says the producer. 

The prospect of further episodes and spin-offs will undoubtedly comfort you during the waiting time. In addition, all fans of the spectacular show can bridge the period up to the fifth season with the “Grand Tour” video game. 

In 2015, “The Grand Tour” was Amazon’s most significant investment in an original broadcast to date, with around $160 million for three years of broadcasting rights. And there does not seem to be an end in sight.


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