Designated Survivor Season 4: Show Returning Back To Netflix? Chances Revealed!

Designated Survivor Season 4: Show Returning Back To Netflix? Chances Revealed!

“Designated Survivor” almost died in the hands of ABC, but Netflix thankfully kept the series alive. To let her finally die with its third season.

Anyone who has already watched the show would have hoped that Netflix should not end the series but order a fourth season. Since the show was considered a phenomenon in its first two seasons, fans were not able to believe the cancellation of the Kiefer Sutherland starrer on Netflix.

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The Series Finale Is A Good Third Season

The fact is, switching from ABC to Netflix has done great work for the political TV series. It has become more profound and a bit darker, but also more realistic as a result. The series’s fifth Showrunner, Neal Baer, ​​had also previously found words of praise for the provider’s creative openness: “When I pitched the characters at ABC, they looked at me like ‘Whoa’. And when I pitched it on Netflix, it was, ‘Oh, tell us more!'”. In the meantime, however, Netflix no longer wants to invest in the series and announced that it will no longer make the fourth season, as reported by TV Line. But are there any hopes for a fourth season?

The streaming provider thanked everyone involved for their commitment and a convincing final season, and the decision of cancellation seems final. 

Season 4 Could Have Been Exciting

In July 2019, Netflix announced the cancellation of the show for its fourth season. The three seasons are still streaming on the platform, but a fourth season would have been great. 

Kirkman did it, but did he get lost in the process? His last words of the season are more than resigned and hopeless. Another season would have been all the more interesting, telling about how he deals with the new situation, how he might try to save himself or allow himself to be corrupted beyond recognition in the vortex of power. The story’s potential is far from exhausted; maybe there is a third provider who wants to save the series again? Amazon maybe?

After ABC cancelled it, Netflix took over the series because they relied on the global audience, which responded very well to “Designated Survivor”. That bill didn’t work out, and international audiences outside the US have also lost interest in the series.

To cheer you up: You can watch a Korean remake on Netflix under the title “Designated Survivor: 60 Days”. The same story is told, only with specific characteristics of Korean politics.


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