BrightBurn 2: Is James Gunn Ready For A Sequel?

BrightBurn 2

The anti-superhero horror “BrightBurn”, starring Elizabeth Banks, premiered on 24th May 2019. Can we look forward to a sequel with BrightBurn 2?

The story is similar to Superman, a human-like alien who has a crash landing on earth and is taken in and raised by a farmer family. Brandon (Jackson A. Dunn) seems like a normal kid until he starts hearing voices and discovering his powers at 12. If something doesn’t go according to his will, he uses his strength to enforce it – until at some point, he goes too far, and the situation escalates. Is there any hope for part 2 of “BrightBurn”?

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“BrightBurn 2”: The Open End Gives Hope

Brandon experiments with his powers until he reaches his full power and destroys his home and family. Mother Tori ( Elizabeth Banks ) hopes for the good in her foster son until the end, but the power-hungry alien does not shy away from her either. At the end of the film, he drops her from a great height, killing her with it. To cover his tracks, he diverts an aeroplane into his parents’ house. In the end credits, you can see that the killing doesn’t stop there: that was just the beginning. Who can stop the boy? We won’t find out until “BrightBurn 2”. 

“BrightBurn 2”: That’s What Producer James Gunn Says

Due to its great success on Netflix, “BrightBurn” could even have aroused the interest of the streaming provider and become a Netflix original for the second part. It is also possible that James Gunn’s brother Brian and his cousin Mark, who made the story for the first part film-ready, will continue the project without him, but with director David Yarovesky.  

“BrightBurn” was produced by none other than Marvel director James Gunn. If you look at the reviews of the horror film, the flick is rated somewhat mixed. Due to the horror factor, the next movie night could still be quite atmospheric and moody. So if you want to give the extraordinary superhero film a chance, you can stop by Netflix. 

Anyone who has had enough of the typical superhero stories could have a lot of fun with “BrightBurn”. In addition to the film’s original idea, the horror aspect, which hardly any well-known superhero films serve, also scores. The latest example, in this case, would be the “X-Men” film adaptation “New Mutants “, which, however, received negative reviews. It could look more promising with the upcoming MCU film “Doctor Strange 2”, which will also contain horror elements. In addition, the Marvel film is directed by the horror icon Sam Raimi.


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