The Middle Season 10: What Are The Chances? Here’s What We Know

The Middle Season 10

In the sitcom “The Middle,” we get amusing insights into the everyday life of the Heck family in nine seasons so far. Are there any chances for season 10?

Frankie, Mike, Axl, Sue, and Brick: these are the hecks. In the sitcom “The Middle,” you can immerse yourself in the family’s everyday life and experience their problems, fears, and relationships. In the nine-season so far, you can expect constant ups and downs of emotions. Each of the five has its problems, big and small. Will there be season 10 of the sitcom?

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“The Middle” Season 10: What Has Happened So Far?

The focus of the series is Frankie Heck ( Patricia Heaton ), who leads a middle-class life in Indiana with her husband Mike ( Neil Flynn ) and their three children. While Frankie moves from job to job and always pursues new projects, Mike works as a manager in the quarry. Nevertheless, the family has to survive financial misery again and again. 

The eldest son Axl ( Charlie McDermott ), is a popular but poor student and a typical teenager. He hangs out on the couch in boxers, eats fast food, and has a new girlfriend every week. The middle daughter Sue ( Eden Sher ), however, does not have it so easy. She is an outsider but highly motivated and tries her hand at the school’s sports and leisure activities, where she regularly fails miserably. Brick ( Atticus Shaffner ), the youngest son, also has his peculiarities. He suffers from a few tics and is an absolute bookworm. The siblings couldn’t be more different, and this leads to some friction.

“The Middle” Season 10: A Happy Ending For The Hecks

The series ends with season 9, and that’s how it was planned. Therefore, the series’ creators have come up with two great final episodes in which each story is brought to an end. Axl takes a job in Denver, and his family accompanies him on his drive. On the way there, Sue and neighbor Sean (Beau Wirick) finally meet. With a leap into the future, you can see them at their wedding. Axl is now married to Lexie (Daniela Bobadilla), Sue’s best friend, and has three sons who are just as bad as he was back then. Brick has also found happiness and is a successful author.

“The Middle” Season 10: A Spin-Off, Not A Spin-off

So this story is finished, but a spin-off with Sue was planned. “Sue Sue In The City” was in the starting blocks and should start shortly after the finale of “The Middle” in 2018. Both Eden Sher and her on-screen beast Brock Ciarlelli, who plays the eccentric Brad on the series, were to star there. The pilot episode was already shot, but Chiarelli said that the timing and luck weren’t on their side and that it didn’t work out despite the good first episode. Broadcaster ABC did not order the season, and other broadcasters also declined. So the series came to an abrupt end.


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