Money Heist Season 5: You Can Be In One Of The Heists After Season 5! Deets Inside

Money Heist Season 5

“Money Heist” is about to go into the last season. But fans can be happy because that is not the end of the series!

While the trailer for season 5 of the Netflix hit “Money Heist” seemed very brutal, it could only shock us for a short time and distract us from the fact that we have to wait a very long time for the new season. As with many other projects, Coronavirus has put a thick line through the production for the makers behind the hit show and messed up the schedule. But some of us are pretty happy about it. After all, it means that the end of “Money Heist” will be delayed a little longer. But now we have excellent news for all fans, Netflix is ​​currently casting for a “Money Heist” experience that will take place in different cities around the world. So, of course, we have collected information about the “experience” for you.

This Is What It’s About

You can imagine the event roughly like a crime thriller dinner – with something like this, all participants slip into a ready-made role and behave according to the character of their characters. The unique thing about the “Money Heist” event is that all characters, EXCEPT you, have a pre-defined role and behave accordingly. You stay and try to carry out a robbery with the characters – just like the characters from your favorite series do. The raids are “inspired by the scenes from the hit series ‘Money Heist’,” says the official website. –

You Can Even Play Along!

If you are an actor you can even apply to be one of the predefined characters for the event! At the moment, Netflix is ​​still looking for people who can play the characters. There are four roles to be filled: Simone (main role), Reykjavik (main role), Chicago (the mole), and Shanghai (the captain). Different things are expected of everyone, and the exact requirements can be found on the website. In addition to a Korean remake of the series and some planned spin-offs, these events are several ideas that Netflix has to keep “Money Heist” alive beyond the series finale.

When Will Season 5 Release On Netflix?

The fifth season of Money Heist has been split into two parts, and the first part of money heist season 6 arrives at the streaming service on September 3, 2021. The second part of the fifth season will arrive on December 3.


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