Anne With An E Season 4: What Are The Odds? Release Date & Plot Updates

Anne With An E

Two years have passed since Netflix announced the cancellation of Anne with an E. The show was canceled before the premiere of its third season, making it the final season for the show.  Though Netflix has made it official, the show’s fans are still expecting to see the return of Anne Shirley.

Anne With An E: Will Season 4 Ever Arrive?

So far, no announcements regarding the fourth season have been made by Netflix or the creators. The series came to an unexpected end in 2019 after Netflix and CBC fell into a tough spot negotiating with each other. 

On the other hand, Netflix also marketed the third season as the final season, which is a statement in itself. 

But previously, we have seen several shows being saved by another network or streaming platform, just like Netflix saved Lucifer. This gives a certain hope to the fans of Anne With An E, but a recent addition in Stranger Things Season 4 does not elevate the hope. 

Stranger Things Season 4 just revealed its first teaser announcing that the show will mark its return in 2022. Apart from several shots of Eleven, Hopper, and the gang, what surprised the fans was a new cast member who is not unknown to the fans of Anne with an E. 

Amybeth McNulty is the new face who will be joining the new season of Netflix’s Stranger Things. This certainly means that a fourth season for Anne with an E is not planned as of now.

During a conversation with Radio Times, the actress said, 

“I’ve a huge admiration for this character and she speaks a lot to me, and to other people as well, and I’m very humbled to have the voice in this business and in this character. She’s such a good character to have a voice for! And what she talks about is exactly my beliefs, which is lovely.” 

Fans Are Not Stopping Anytime Soon

Though the makers and the actors of the show might have lost all hope of Anne with an E returning for a fourth season, the show’s fans are still asking the streaming services to renew the show. 

A petition made by fans asking Netflix to renew the show for a fourth season has crossed over 1.5 million signatures, and the count is still increasing. 

Even Ryan Reynolds came out as a massive fan of the show. He has also asked the streaming service to renew the show for a fourth season, but he has not yet got a reply. 


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