Taboo Season 2: Release Date? Plot & Cast?Four Years Have Passed!

Taboo Season 2

It’s been almost four years since BBC renewed Taboo for a second season. Despite the delay, the fans are still curious and anticipate what happens next when James Delaney (Tom Hardy) steps into a new world. But when will Tom Hardy return with the second season of this highly-anticipated drama series? Here is everything you should know. 

Why Is The Return Of Taboo So Hyped Up?

Taboo is an American period drama starring Tom Hardy as the lead of the show. Created by Steven Knight, the show revolves around the life of James Delaney and his band of misfits. The show released its first episode on January 7, 2017, and consisted of eight episodes.

Taboo: Is Season 2 Renewed?

As we mentioned earlier, the Tom Hardy starring drama was renewed for a second season almost four years back. The first season managed to grasp a large fan base, which resulted in the BBC continuing the show in practically no time.  

Previously, Steven Knight has assured the fans that the scripting of Season 2 was complete and that it will blow the viewer’s minds. He said the storyline would be more gripping this time, and the second season will be even better than the first one. 

Moreover, as you wait for Season 2, you will be surprised that the BBC has planned a second and a third season officially announced in 2017. 

Why Is Season 2 Delayed?

Four years have passed since the announcement of Season 2, but there are almost no signs of Season 2 coming anytime soon. As per the reports, the main reason behind its constant delay is Tom Hardy itself. The actor known for some of his impeccable performances like Venom, The Dark Knight Rises, etc., in the world of movies does not have enough dates available to film the second season of Taboo due to his busy schedule. 

The filming was first going to start in 2019, but it was later postponed to 2020 due to Hardy’s involvement in other projects. The recent delay was caused due to Coronavirus pandemic that has rescheduled the production date for the American drama. 

Taboo Season 2: Release Date

A release date for Season 2 of the American drama is way too far from our radars as of now. And contrasting with the constantly delayed production, it is more likely that the second season will not arrive until 2023. 


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