Dynasty Season 4: Which Character Is Dead? We Have The Answer!

Dynasty Season 4

Finally, the great mystery of Dynasty 4 has been solved! Since the beginning of the fourth season, the general public has wondered who’s was the funeral at which the Carrington family was taking part. In the last episode that aired in America, we finally found out who the character in the coffin is and, consequently, the actor’s name who leaves the series.

Ready to find out who dies in Dynasty 4 ? Close the article if you are afraid of spoilers.

In the thirteenth episode of the fourth season of Dynasty, the writers have decided to reveal who dies in Dynasty 4.

The person in the coffin is Anders, a character masterfully played by Alan Dale. The beloved butler of the Carrington household sacrificed his life to honor the powerful family that gave him so much and took so much from him. In an attempt to save Fallon and Liam from kidnapping, the man sustained a severe wound in the ribs. In a rush to the hospital to visit Cristal, the pain prevailed, and poor Anders was overinvolved in a car accident.

The Anders death has left stunned all spectators of the beloved series of The CW. Especially since, in the last episode, the character had shared an emotional moment with the character of Fallon.

In an open-hearted conversation with young Carrington, the butler had confessed that he loved the girl like a daughter and promised her that he would always protect her. In light of the latest events, it is not difficult to understand why Fallon was particularly crying during the funeral in the anticipations.

An Open Door For New Mysteries

Undoubtedly, the writers of Dynasty have built this new season around the mystery of the funeral. Many characters have found themselves in situations of grave danger, making it very difficult to predict the person’s identity inside the coffin. Cristal, for example, is battling a rare brain tumor. Culhane found himself involved in some dodgy rides. Kirby is back under Oliver’s negative influence as Liam pushes the boundaries to prove his father was killed.

Indeed, many fans had speculated that the character in the coffin could be Steven, of which there is no news from the second season. However, we are not sure that Anders’ character will no longer appear in the next episodes of Dynasty.

The butler could come back through flashbacks or, why not, in unexpected and unusual ways. Remember that Dynasty is the reboot of a soap opera, and in the world of soap, it is not always so difficult to go back from the kingdom of the dead!


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