Physical Season 2: When Will It Arrive On Apple TV+?

Physical Season 2

After the success of the first chapter, the Apple TV+ platform has decided even before the season finale to renew the TV series starring Rose Byrne, which has conquered many viewers. The good news was announced by the TVLine website, which also reported the director of national programming of Apple TV+, Michelle Lee.

“We are very proud that we were able to show Annie Weisman’s fun, exciting and daring project. And then we got to see Rose Byrne bring this incredible character to life, giving us an unforgettable performance. It was exciting to see people fall in love with the TV series, and we are excited for the next chapter in Sheila’s life.”

At this point, you are probably also wondering when Physical 2 season comes out. Apple TV +, however, has not yet announced a release date for the second installment of the TV series with Rose Byrne. Considering that the first season debuted on the platform in 2021, it is likely that the second will arrive on our screens as early as 2022. We hope to find out more soon.

Physical Season 2: Plot

The TV series is part of the dramedy genre and was conceived and written by Annie Weisman. Many names of executive producers have decided to dedicate themselves to this show, such as Alexandra Cunningham, Marty Adelstein, Becky Clements, Sera Gamble, and John McNamara. The production company to which the TV series has been entrusted is Tomorrow Studios, while the  Apple TV Plus service has been in charge of distributing the first chapter.

What is the Physical 2 season about? There are no snaps yet on the plot of the show’s next chapter with Rose Byrne, as she just received the renewal. However, this will probably start from the finale of the first season and show us some more details of the path of the character of Sheila Rubin. We will update you, however, when we know more.

Cast: Actors & Characters

In the cast of the first chapter of Physical, several famous actors and Rose Byrne were there. She also managed to provide a great interpretation of the character of Sheila Rubin. However, we will probably see all the performers again in season 2 as well. We report below the names of the prominent faces and those of their corresponding characters.

  • Rose Byrne (Mrs. America) as Sheila Rubin
  • Rory Scovel (How beautiful you become!) Is Danny Rubin
  • Geoffrey Arend (The Magicians) is Jerry
  • Paul Sparks (Human Capital) is John Breem
  • Lou Taylor Pucci (American Horror Story) is Tyler
  • Della Saba is Bunny
  • Deirdre Friel is Greta
  • Ashley Liao (Speechless) is Simone
  • Ian Gomez (Supergirl) is Ernie


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