Law and Order: Organized Crime Season 2: Official Release Date? What Is Known?

Law and Order: Organized Crime Season

Elliot Stabler returns with the organized crime division in season 2 of Law and Order Organized Crime. Here’s everything we have known so far.

Law and Order Organized Crime Season 2: Release Date

The first point we want to address is the release date of the Law and Order Organized Crime Season 2. When does the new chapter come out? NBC has set its release date for September 23, 2021. The network had already made it clear that the spin-off with Chris Meloni would return directly in the fall. The designated night remains Thursday, which loses the new franchise show. First, we will see Law and Order SVU and then, in closing, Organized Crime. Production began on July 19.

Law And Order Organized Crime Season 2: Plot

On May 14, the network expressed itself in favor of the spin-off with Chris Meloni, who will return, as mentioned, in the fall with new episodes.

Weeks before the renewal, talking to reporters, creator Dick Wolf had already described what the plans would be for season 2 of Law and Order Organized Crime, which would have staged three story arcs, eight episodes long each, for a total of 24.

“The first of the season is The Godfather. The second is American Gangster. The third is Scarface. And these antagonists will indeed be hardened criminals, providing Stabler with a constant source of energy, anger, belief in injustice, and a different way to prosecute criminals than before.”

These are his words, also reported by TVLine. In addition to this, it has also already been confirmed that we could see new crossovers with Law and Order SVU, during which we will be able to see detective Elliot Stabler interact with Captain Olivia Benson again.

Cast: Actors & Characters

In the cast of season 2 of Law and Order Organized Crime, we find the protagonist Chris Meloni, who brings detective Elliot Stabler back to the scene. We shouldn’t see Tamara Taylor again, who played Angela Wheatley in the debut chapter.

However, it’s unclear whether the case that saw her at the center of the plot ended with 1 × 08. For example, Dylan McDermott will return, with a recurring role this time. Richard Wheatley’s character has been confirmed for another eight episodes, so we believe for the first story arc of the season.


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