Cruel Summer Season 2: What’s the Release Date? Plot & Cast Updates

Cruel Summer Season 2

Given the incredible success of the first chapter, Freeform almost immediately renewed the Cruel Summer 2 season. Proclaimed as the most-watched TV series ever on the streaming platform in question, everyone is now wondering when Cruel Summer 2 is out.

At the moment, Freeform, the streaming channel associated with ABC Family (and owned by Disney), has not yet revealed what the release date is. However, the president of the platform Tara Duncan reassured fans about the second chapter. The first, moreover, reached an average of 6.8 million views per episode, making the choice of a renewal almost obvious.

“Renewing Cruel Summer for season 2 was an easy decision. It’s the biggest debut of a series in Freeform history, and the audience response has been overwhelmingly positive.” said Tara Duncan.

We imagine that the second season could arrive by 2022.

Cruel Summer 2: Plot

Are you curious to find out more details about the plot of the Cruel Summer 2 season? At the moment, unfortunately, we don’t know a lot of reviews about the story. In the first chapter, we followed the life of two teenagers who live in Skyline, a town in Texas. Kate Wallis is the most beloved girl in school, beautiful and popular. At the same time, the TV series also delves into the life of Jeanette Turner, a much more shy and introverted girl.

The story alternates in three different years: it starts in 1993, passes through 1994, and ends in 1995. Three years to tell the story of Kate’s disappearance and Jeanette’s takeover. The latter suddenly becomes the most popular girl in school, taking over from Kate. A year later, Kate returns and accuses Jeanette of witnessing her kidnapping at the hands of Vice-Principal Martin Harris and of doing nothing to get her home safe and sound. Kate’s accusations put Jeanette in a bad light in the eyes of all of America.

Regarding a second season, as Deadline explains, we could expect anything. The TV series could return with a new story and therefore present itself as an anthological series, with new characters and thus a different cast.

Cast: Actors & Characters

At the moment, we don’t know which characters are returning to the cast of Cruel Summer 2 season. We imagine that if the story remained the same, we could then see the same characters and their respective interpreters.

Kate Wallis and Jeanette Turner are the focal points of the first chapter. Kate, the girl who disappears without a trace and then reappears after a year, is played by Olivia Holt ( Runaways, Cloak & Dagger ). Jeanette, so shy and introverted, is instead played by Chiara Aurelia.

Among the main characters of the first season, we also find Jamie Henson, the boyfriend of Kate, who is infatuated with Jeanette, played by Froy Gutierrez ( Teen Wolf ). Harley Quinn Smith instead plays Mallory Higgins, one of Jeanette’s best friends before fame. Brooklyn Sudano plays Angela Prescott, while Blake Lee plays Martin Harris.


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