Control Z Season 2: Why Was Zion Moreno (Isabela) Not Seen In The New Season?

Control Z Season 2: Why Was Zion Moreno (Isabela) Not Seen In The New Season?

This Wednesday, August 4, the second season of the series ‘ Control Z ‘ arrived on Netflix, which takes up the tragic events of the end of the first installment. What surprised fans of the series is that not all of the characters returned for season 2.

The absence that most attracted the attention and annoyed the fans was that of the Mexican actress Zion Moreno, who played the character of Isabela in the first season.

The truth is that the actress had already announced several months ago that she would not continue to be part of the youth series. In October 2020, Moreno surprised everyone by announcing that she would not return for the second season because she wanted to continue her career in the United States.

The transgender actress announced her decision through her Instagram account but later deleted the post. “After much reflection, I made the personal decision to stay closer to home during these uncertain times and therefore, although it hurts a lot, I will not return for the second season,” she said at the time.

She then wished her fellow series members the best of luck and supported the show’s continuity, which has a huge fan base on Netflix.

Sometime later, Zion Moreno embarked on a new international adventure: the reboot of ‘Gossip Girl’ on HBO Max. The actress confessed that “she religiously watched the show when she was a teenager,” so she is fulfilling a dream by being part of the series playing the character of Luna La.

So far, the 27-year-old actress from El Paso, Texas, has not told what her future projects are, but what is clear is that she will not return to ‘ Control Z ‘ shortly.

What Is Control Z?

Control Z is a coming-of-age mystery series revolving around a few students of the National School who get themselves tangled with mysterious villains and creatures. Some events and the discovery of a pandora’s box of dark secrets elevate violent and unimaginable events in the school. The show’s first season premiered in May 2020, while the second season just landed on Netflix on August 4, 2021. 

Will You Have A Third Season of this series?

It is a little early for us to promise or predict that the third season of Control Z is coming on Netflix. The latest season featured eight episodes and ended on an intense cliffhanger, revealing that a large amount of the storyline is yet to be unfolded. Netflix usually takes two to three months to monitor the viewership of a series and then decides to renew it. If everything goes well, we might see the third season of Control Z by early 2023. 


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