In Riverdale Season 5, Are Betty and Archie Getting Back Together?


For “Riverdale” season 5 there are again a lot of changes coming up. The series producer has revealed that the story of Betty and Archie is not over yet.

“Riverdale” is another big surprise. Not only are the pussycats celebrating a great comeback in season 5, but there will apparently also be a couple of comebacks! If someone is hoping for Cheryl Blossom and Toni Topaz: Sorry folks, we don’t mean either of them. It’s about Betty and Archie! At the beginning of season 5, it was hot between the two because they had an affair after the time jump. There have always been feelings between best friends. 

Fans in the first “Riverdale” episodes wondered if Betty and Archie were going to be a couple, but then the surprise: Archie notices that he has more feelings for Veronica, and whoosh they are together again. What many fans found quite mysterious, after all, the time jump should give the characters the chance to strike out on new paths, and somehow everything was as before, but it doesn’t matter – we ship Varchie! After a long break, there will finally be a new episode “Riverdale” on Netflix on August 12th and new indications that the feelings between Betty and Archie are not over yet.

Love Comeback With Betty and Archie? “Riverdale” Producer Promises Changes In Season 5

You heard right: Betty and Archie could make a love comeback in the new episodes of “Riverdale”. A fan complained to producer Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa that Betty’s and Archie’s “relationship” was nothing more than a booty call (someone you contacted for dates) and what to expect from the new episodes in season 5 could. To which the “Riverdale” maker honestly replied, 

“LOL. You have a point. But let me add: Betty’s and Archie’s story is far from over and their relationship will deepen. Especially when we get to the last few episodes.”

 Oh, so a lot will change again towards the end of the season. While that doesn’t say 100% that Betty and Archie are going to be a couple, it does at least suggest that something is up to date. Which would explain why there are so few scenes of Veronica and Archie in the trailer and maybe why Veronica kisses someone else in the trailer? It remains exciting. Until then we just keep dreaming of the good old days when Bughead (Jughead & Betty) and Varchie (Veronica & Archie) were still happy in love. Take us back! And no, we are not partisan.


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