Outer Banks’ Lead ‘Chase Stokes’ Was Homeless & Broke Before The Show!

Outer Banks

The actors had their big breakthrough in their roles in the Netflix series “Outer Banks.” But not everyone was okay before.

“Outer Banks” Changed His Life

He is handsome, a successful actor, and met his great love through his role as John B. We’re talking about Chase Stokes. The 28-year-old completed and fell in love with his girlfriend Madelyn Cline while filming the Netflix series “Outer Banks.” So the two of them are not only a cute series couple but also a cute real-life couple! The second season of “Outer Banks” is currently on Netflix, and the hype is so great that the likelihood of a third season is very high. So it works for Chase Stokes and his fellow actors, but it wasn’t always like that! Before his breakthrough with the international Netflix series, Chase was homeless and broke!

John B Was Chase Stoke’s First Significant Role

Before he could own an exorbitant fee, Chase Stokes had to turn over every dollar three times. It was even so bad for a while that he had to live in his car because otherwise, he wouldn’t have enough money. He made his way from one mini job to the next and eagerly waited for his breakthrough. He has now left those times behind. Meanwhile, the US actor’s net worth is estimated at a whopping 650,000 US dollars. 

Outer Banks Season 3: What Are The Possibilities?

The second season of Netflix’s adventure teen drama premiered on July 30 on Netflix. Since its arrival, fans have been wondering about the renewal status of the third season. The show following a group of friends from the Outer Banks of North Carolina and their saga of treasure hunt, disappearance, and $400 million worth of gold can see a renewal soon. 

Although it has not been confirmed officially yet, the chances of Outer Banks getting renewed for a third season are more than the chances of Brooklyn-Nine-Nine continuing after Season 9. The show’s second season made it into Netflix’s ‘Top 10’ list soon after its arrival on July 30. 

Netflix usually follows a pattern of flow to renew shows a couple of months after their release. Though it has not been official yet, the show will inevitably return once again. If renewed, we might witness the new season dropping on the streaming giant in mid-2022. 

Showrunner Josh Pate during a recent conversation with Decider, shed light on the writing process of Season 2. He assured that the writing team plans to give every character a season-long storyline in the upcoming seasons. 


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