Ragnarok Season 3: Arriving Soon? Netflix’s Release Date & Latest Updates!

Ragnarok: Is Season 3 Coming? Netflix Release Updates!

After the debut of the second season of the TV series on Netflix, which took place on May 27, fans have begun to wonder if there will also be a season 3 of Ragnarok. The Danish-Norwegian show got excellent feedback on the platform, so it would be exciting to see the protagonists once again.

Unfortunately, however, we have no news on a possible renewal of the TV series. The Netflix service always takes some time to decide their TV series, so it’s too early to get any information about it. However, we hope to find out something within a few months.

Ragnarok 3 Season Release

Having no news yet on the renewal of the Danish-Norwegian TV series, it is impossible to predict when Ragnarok 3 season is released or to have an official release date. The show’s first season starring David Stakston and Jonas Strand Gravli, premiered on Netflix in 2020, while the second premiered on May 27, 2021.

Probably, therefore, a hypothetical season 3 could be released on the platform as early as 2022 if the series gets confirmation that it can get to work on a new story and if the production manages to start filming in a short time. 

Ragnarok 3 Season: Plot

The TV series was written by the Danish screenwriter Adam Price, who also works as a food critic and restaurateur in his life. Together with Meta Louise Foldager Sorensen, the creator also took care of the production in collaboration with SAM Productions. The show starring David Stakston and Jonas Strand Gravli found Netflix as a distributor, who then decided to renew it for a second season.

The story focuses on Turid and his two sons, Magne, the eldest, and Laurits, the youngest, who, after the death of their father, return to live in their hometown, called Edda. Subsequently, Magne undergoes a mutation that makes him capable of incredible feats and discovers that he has awakened the powers of the god Thor. The boy, therefore, learns to control them to face enemies and defend his family.

But what is Ragnarok 3 season about? We still have no previews on the plot of the next chapter of the TV series, since as we have already told you, Netflix has not decided anything about the renewal. However, this will likely always focus on Magne and her powers and the stories of the other protagonists, namely Laurits, Fjor, Saxa, and Gry. Plus, season 3, which could be very dangerous for its characters, would almost indeed resume from the end of the second.


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