Euphoria Season 2: HBO Release Date, What Will Happen Next?

Euphoria Season 2

On June 16, 2019, Euphoria debuted on HBO, a new TV series about adolescence and the problems that age brings, with all the consequences that arise when they are not handled correctly and purposefully.

Right from the start, the show began to get talked about for the topics it covered, namely sex, identity crisis, anxiety, love, and friendship, and the raw and explicit ways it deals with them. On the occasion of the pilot’s release, Zendaya warned her followers via social media emphasizing the target: an adult audience.

This message, which increased the curiosity, and the fact that the show was preceded by Big Little Lies, a well-known and followed TV show, meant that the pilot had collected a good audience rating.

That said, someone has immediately started wondering if Euphoria 2 season will be made. HBO has spoken about it after about a month from the debut. The TV series will have new episodes. The news came from the show’s social media handles, announcing its return.

Euphoria 2 Season Release Date

That said, when does the second season of the TV series with Zendaya and Jacob Elordi come out? HBO hasn’t spoken yet, so we can’t have a release date for Euphoria 2 season right now. Production of the new episodes had started in early March 2020, but shortly after, the machine had had to stop due to the coronavirus. On the 2020 Emmy Awards occasion, HBO president Casey Bloys had stated that filming would resume in early 2021.

Meanwhile, the first of two special Christmas-themed episodes aired on December 6. They revolved around Jules, who reflects on the year that has passed during the Christmas holidays. It is not yet known when the series will officially return with the new season. 

Euphoria Season 2: Plot! What Will Happen Next?

As much as we would like to have some material to think about already, this is not the case. In all likelihood, the central theme of season 2 will still be adolescence, experienced in particular by Rue, Jules, and the others in total bewilderment. On August 5, the season finale of the first cycle of episodes aired, which ended with the departure of Jules.

After confronting Nate and declaring herself to her friend at the school dance, Rue proposes that they leave together right away. The girl doesn’t let herself be said twice. Both pack their bags and go to the station. In the meantime, however, Rue gets caught up in doubt and fear of making her family suffer further. So, at the last moment, he pulls back while Jules gets on the train. The two separate.

Throughout the second season, we will see the consequences of the finale. Also, we should find out what will become of Fez. In all likelihood, then, we will again immerse ourselves in the complicated lives of the Jacobs family, Maddy, Cassie, Kat, and Lexi. Furthermore, a special episode should be broadcast before the official return to TV of the new chapter, which will also deal with the coronavirus. For now, these are the only anticipations we have regarding the plot of the Euphoria 2 season. We will know more when the creative team starts releasing the first details.


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