Outer Banks Season 3: Will Kiara And JJ Fall In Love? Relationship Alert!

Outer Banks Season 3

Season 2 of the Outer Banks has just arrived on Netflix, but there is already talk of potential third-season’s episodes. The first hypotheses on the continuation of the series are circulating on the web, but official confirmation by the great N is still missing. In the meantime, the creators of the series have started talking about the direction they would like to take with the three seasons of Outer Banks, particularly the fact that they would like to explore the love story between Kiara and JJ.

Outer Banks is headed by the relationship between John B and Sarah Cameron, but fans of the show want to see more of the triangle than between Kiara, JJ, and Pope. In the first season of the show, viewers saw Kiara kissing both John B and Pope, but the chemistry between Kie and JJ broke the hearts of fans. More and more fans of Outer Banks were hoping for a story between the two characters.

Anyone who has seen season 2 will know that if you have not done so, we advise you not to read the article; Kiara and Pope try to give their story a chance. However, the boy’s sentiment is not entirely reciprocated, and the two decide to remain just friends.

Precisely for this reason, it seems that the third season of Outer Banks will finally give space to the story between JJ and Kiara. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Jonas Pate, Josh Pate, and Shannon Burke revealed that the relationship between JJ and Kiara would be explored in more detail in the third season. If Outer Banks were to be revamped, that’s the goal of the show’s creators.

Will Kiara and JJ fall in love in Outer Banks 3?

Speaking of the romantic dynamic between Pogues, Josh Pate said, 

“Teen relationships and the teen aspect are a big part of the show. We wanted to explore the relationship between Kie and Pope, but of course, we’re aware of how fans feel about JJ and Kie. We wanted to bring that forward for the third season. Our wish was not to do it immediately, but we certainly tried to do it because we were taken by surprise by the audience’s reaction to JJ and Kiara. What a cheer they did for that love story! So we immediately opened up to the idea because it seems like something interesting to explore, but we left it for the third season”.

Burke added: “We didn’t even want to abandon Pope and Kiara; we had built the whole thing up and wanted to let him go the right way.”

Season 2 of Outer Banks saw Pope and Kiara explore their relationship after their kiss at the end of season 1. In episode 4, the couple sneaks away, but the situation soon becomes awkward for the two. In a later episode, Kie explains to Pope that it was strange to her. So Pope reluctantly agrees with Kie that their friendship is more important, even though it’s clear he still has deep feelings for her.

The season 2 finale sees the Pogues (John B, Sarah, JJ, Pope, Kie, and even Cleo) stranded on a desert island in the middle of the Caribbean. It looks like the whole situation could bring JJ and Kiara closer but also start a new romance between Cleo and Pope. In the episode’s final moments, Kiara is apprehensive about JJ, who passed out after a blow to the head. It seems that the girl feels something more towards the “friend,” but only the eventual season 3 of Outer Banks will confirm this.


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