You Season 3: Advances On Release Date, Plot, And Updates

You Season 3

A few days after the second season’s debut, a figure had emerged that had increased the chances of renewal for You 3. Deadline reported that the state of California had reserved $ 7,213,000 in tax credit for a possible third installment of the Netflix show.

Indeed not a slight economic incentive. However, as the site also specified, it was not a sufficient element to guarantee the production of new episodes. But then the streaming giant announced its intentions, officially communicating the renewal of You, which will have a season 3.

Is there a Third Season Coming?

In January 2019, producer Sera Gamble told  Cosmopolitan UK that the renewal was possible, but much depended on the viewers. She also stressed that she already had some interesting ideas:

“I will tell you, we have an idea for. Our third season is so exciting that we talk about it every day in the writers’ room. I keep my fingers crossed… I hope we will have a chance to continue doing this series.”

The announcement of the renewal indeed came as no surprise. Once the second chapter of You was loaded, Penn Badgley himself, the protagonist of the series, had accidentally confirmed the arrival of the third season. In the course of an interview, the actor had let slip that there would be new episodes.

You 3 Season: When Will It Release?

Before focusing on the rest, let us immediately focus on the usual question:  what is the release date of the You 3 season? The Hollywood Reporter announced that the TV series would return in 2021. Production began in early February 2020, as evidenced by a tweet from producer Sera Gamble.

However, the health emergency from which the world has not yet emerged had determined at that time the stop of all productions. The shooting of the TV series only started again at the beginning of last November, to end on 23 April 2021. Post-production will probably be extended throughout the summer.

So when does the third chapter come out? Netflix has announced that the debut will be out by the end of 2021, as THR had anticipated, more precisely between October and December or in the last quarter of the year. With You, the new seasons of The Witcher and Cobra Kai are also expected. As soon as we have the official release date, we will not hesitate to update you.

You Season 3: What Will Happen Next?

As we all know, the TV series You is based on the novels of Caroline Kepnes. The first, which gives the show its title, served as a guide for season 1, while the second, Hidden Bodies, was considered for season 2. That would mean Season 3 could bring an original storyline to the stage. In fact, in April 2021, Caroline Kepnes published the third novel, You Love Me, and already has an agreement for the fourth, but on the small screen, the story of Joe is increasingly taking an independent path.

For now, we can only refer to how the second chapter ended. Love turns out to be very dangerous, perhaps more complex than Joe. After uncovering her boyfriend’s secret, she eliminates Delilah and Candace, the two main threats, and informs Goldberg that she is pregnant. In the meantime, however, Forty realizes what a significant threat his friend represents and wants to protect his sister at all costs.

Your Season 3, therefore, could focus on this new obsession of the protagonist, and given the dangerous inclination of Love, the two could turn into their respective nemeses. Furthermore, the protagonists will most likely be parents. How will Joe behave in this relationship? How will paternity affect him? From the various flashbacks, we know that the father figures he had between childhood and adolescence were undoubtedly not positive role models for him. At the moment we have no reviews about it. With the release of the trailer, we will be able to get a more precise idea.


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