Truth Be Told Season 2: When Will It Arrive On Apple TV+?

Truth Be Told Season 2

Apple continues to renew its original titles. After The Morning Show, See, Dickinson, and more, the service also gave the green light to produce a season 2 for Truth Be Told, the series with Octavia Spencer. Although it is considered a mini-series, the possibility of making more chapters was immediately considered in case of success. So it was, and here we are talking about the second cycle of episodes. Creator Nichelle Tramble Spellman said as Deadline says :

“Apple continues to show its incredible support for us and the series. I’m thrilled to continue exploring the nation’s obsession with true crime and see how the characters evolve.”

The series can be classified as semi-anthology, similar to The Sinner or comedy NBC Trial & Error. In this case, we have a protagonist, the Poppy Parnell of Octavia Spencer, who returns to the scene every season with a new story and new characters. At the moment, no previews have been released on the plot of Truth Be Told 2 season. We only know that a new case will be treated.

The first season saw Poppy engaged in reopening a murder case that had given him a large following. In doing so, he comes face to face with  Warren Cave, the man who years earlier had ended up in prison thanks to his help and who may be innocent.

Truth Be Told Season 2 Release Date

But, when does Truth Be Told season 2 come out? Apple TV +  has announced the release date with the release of the teaser trailer: the debut is scheduled for August 20, 2021. The filming must have been started at the end of last October. Here’s the teaser trailer of the new season:

Cast: New Actors & Characters

As anticipated, in the cast of season 2 of Truth Be Told, we find Octavia Spencer, recently also seen on Netflix in Self Made: the life of Madam CJ Walker. The Academy Award-winning actress for The Help reprises the role of Poppy Parnell. For the rest, we will meet new actors with new characters :

  • Kate Hudson ( Glee ) is Micah Keith, a lifestyle guru of sorts and an old friend of Poppy Parnell;
  • Merle Dandridge  ( The Flight Attendant ) as Zarina Killebrew, the ex-wife of Markus Killebrew (Mekhi Phifer) and mother of his daughter;
  • Jason O’Mara  ( The Good Wife ) is Joshua, a successful documentarian and husband of Micah;
  • Alona Tal  ( SEAL Team ) is Ivy, Micah Keith’s right-hand man;
  • David Lyons  ( Revolution ) is Detective Aames, San Francisco Police Inspector;
  • Christopher Backus  ( Big Little Lies ) as Holt Redding, a mysterious man connected to Poppy and Micah;
  • Cranston Johnson  ( Filthy Rich ) is Moss, a member of a Louisiana motorcycle club who knows many family secrets;
  • Hale Appleman  ( The Magicians ) as Lachlan, the operations manager behind the Micah empire;
  • Anthony Lee Medina  ( Hamilton ) as Ramon, Micah’s assistant;
  • Mychala Lee  ( The Inheritance ) is Trini Killebrew, the daughter of Markus.


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