Lucifer Season 6: Chloe And Lucifer Are Getting Married In The Final Season! Latest Updates

Lucifer Season 6

The fresh episodes of Netflix’s hit biblical drama ‘Lucifer’ will return to the streaming platform on September 10, 2021. With ten episodes in hand, it will be a difficult and emotional rollercoaster journey for the fans to witness a satisfactory ending to their all-time favourite show starring Tom Ellis. 

Previously, the streaming giant officially revealed a trailer for the final season of Lucifer, which has undoubtedly invigorated the waiting period for the fans. While everyone was waiting for another trailer to hit the screens in the second half of August, the streaming service revealed the episode titles of the last season. They tell many things about the finale of Lucifer’s LA saga.

The episode titles of the sixth season of Lucifer are more exciting and creative than all the previous episode titles. Since as the fan of the show, we all are very well aware that the titles always suggest a short quote from the episode replicating a slight hint on the situation that will be seen in the episode. 

Here’s the list of titles as revealed:

  • Episode 1: Nothing Ever Changes Around Here
  • Episode 2: Buckets of Baggage
  • Episode 3: Yabba Dabbo Do Me
  • Episode 4: Pin the Tail on the Daddy
  • Episode 5: The Murder of Lucifer Morningstar
  • Episode 6: A Lot Dirtier Than That
  • Episode 7: My Best Friend’s Wedding
  • Episode 8: Save the Devil, Save the World
  • Episode 9: Goodbye, Lucifer
  • Episode 10: Partners’ Til the End

‘The Murder Of Lucifer Morningstar’ and ‘Goodbye, Lucifer’

The fifth episode of the show, title ‘The Murder of Lucifer Morningstar’, has given birth to several new fan theories and rumours regarding the final season. Is the devil going to die? Or will he be gone forever to his real home? We don’t know much yet, and we will scratch it out this September.

Similarly, the ninth episode titled ‘Goodbye, Lucifer’ somewhat reveals that this is the last time we see Lucifer, and it’s almost time to bid farewell to the devil.

‘Partners Til The End’ 

The final episode, the tenth, titled ‘Partners Til The End’, also reveals a significant curve of the storyline that we are dying to see for quite some time now. The conclusion of Lucifer’s relationship with Chloe. Are they getting married? Will Chloe go to heaven with the newly crowned GOD? Several questions are unanswered, and the answers will be streaming soon, knocking on the doors of our mobile screens. 

Maze And Eve Are Getting Married?

It can be said (not with complete confidence) that Lucifer might be dying in the fifth episode of the show and later get buried in the series finale. The fan theories knocking on the doors of the internet suggest that Maze and Eve will be tying the knot in Episode 7 of the final season.


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