Virgin River Season 3: Is Mel Pregnant With Jack’s Baby?

Virgin River Season 3

Virgin River Season 3 ended on one of the big surprises of the show so far. At the end of the Season 3 finale, we see Jack almost proposing to Mel, as she interrupts him and reveals details about her pregnancy. But the cliffhanger that ended up making fans drizzle in their mind was Mel not being sure if Jack is the father of her baby. But what could be happening next? 

Is It Mark’s Baby? 

Back in Season 3, we saw a reproductive clinic contacting Mel about two embryos left from her attempted pregnancy with her late husband, Mark. Mel was later forced to decide whether to destroy them or use them. So far, it was unclear whether she has used those embryos or destroyed them. Later in Season 3, no preparations and scenes regarding artificial insemination were shown in the last season. In the second book, which the series is initially based on, Mel and Jack have David’s son. So, it is undoubtedly confirmed that Mel is pregnant with Jack’s baby, but we will know about it for sure only when Season 4 of Virgin River strikes into the lanes of the streaming giant. 

When Will Season 4 Release On Netflix?

The end of Virgin River Season 3 gave fans massive questions that were left unanswered between Jack and Mel’s dramatic saga. The official announcements regarding the new season have yet to come to the public domain. The show has been popular among the viewers for quite some time, though the streaming giant Netflix does not share its viewing statistics publically. Still, the show’s popularity can be addressed with the fact that it was renewed for Season 4 before the third season even dropped on the streaming service this July. 

According to What’s on Netflix, the fourth season began its production in July in the same month of release of its third season. So far, so good. Our guess for the release of Virgin River Season 4 will be early July 2022. The second and third seasons of the show premiered in a short time gap of seven months, but that is something you must not expect between the third and fourth season as a fan of the show. 

Is There Enough Material For New Seasons?

Virgin River comes from an old school background, and that is something exciting about the show. The saga of Jack and Mel is based on book series of the same by Robyn Carr. The book series constitutes 25 books, so as fans and potential viewers of the show, we don’t have to feel tensed about the storyline and material of the show. 


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